Starting a Podcast

Are you interested in starting your own podcast? PodBelly is here to help! From podcast planning to podcast publishing and marketing, our six-part guide will give you a general overview on what it takes to launch a podcast.

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Part One:
Podcast Planning

Starting Out At first glance, starting a podcast from scratch may seem to be a daunting task, or something that would require a lot of creativity and on the fly improvisational skills. The truth of the matter is that podcasting is more simple than it seems. There are some basic steps that you can follow…


Part Two:
Podcast Branding

Welcome to part two of PodBelly’s tutorial on creating your own podcast. Here we are going to be focusing on all the important details that surround creating a recognizable and effective brand for your podcast. Creating a brand is an integral part of starting a podcast because your branding will likely be the first thing…


Part Three:
Podcast Equipment

Now that you have completed parts one and two of our tutorial on starting a podcast, it’s time to get into the logistical details of how to actually setup and record your episodes. This starts with gathering the right equipment. A lot of people view this part as the most difficult or complicated part of…


Part Four:
Podcast Recording

Recording Location Once you have the equipment of your choice, you will need a location where you can record. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering a location: A location that is Quiet.An ideal location will not have ambient background noise or open windows that could potentially pick up things like dogs…


Part Five:
Podcast Publishing

At this point, your podcast should be all coming together. The recording is finished, the editing is done, and right now you are saving up episodes in preparation for the launch. It is now time to talk about how you publish your podcast episodes. Select podcast hosting company You have to find a place to…


Part Six:
Podcast Marketing

Recording is finished, the editing is done, and you have published your episodes. It is now time to discuss marketing your podcast. Your podcast may be good, but without proper marketing strategies, it may never be discovered. Many podcasters before you have had good ideas which they threw with hopeful expectation into the abyss of…

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