Join The Theorists as they wade through the BS and be inspired by the possibilities. An open-minded comedy podcast discussing: Space exploration, the UFO and ET phenomenon, cold case mysteries, conspiracy theories, cryptozoology and anything else in the world of the weird. Think a mix of Joe Rogan/Last Podcast on the Left/Trailer Park Boys

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Who and Where Is Alien Theorists Theorizing?

Hello, Theorites. 

If you are going through our back catalogue or you have found us for the very first time, thanks for listening! After 5 years of podcasting, Alien Theorists Theorizing is joining the growing list of great podcasters exclusively on Spotify and we could not be more stoked. Please follow us over there and continue the journey through the world of the weird with us. Follow this link to keep listening for free! spoti.fi/alientheorists

Cheers, and thank you for your continued support.

Braden, Zel, Dan and Andrew


Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/alientheoriststheorizing/message

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