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American Scouser Podcast


Turn on, Tune in, and Kop out with the American Scouser Podcast!

All the latest happenings and news in the world of Liverpool FC for the stateside Kopite!

Check out www.americanscouser.com to get links to your nearest LFC supporters club, Latest articles, and also links to old podcasts, Travel information for games, and everything the American Scouser needs to stay connected to our beloved Liverpool FC.

In Klopp We Trust


Category: Soccer

Podcast Episodes

Stitch's Treats

Stitch enjoys the Watford game despite the VAR checks…and we discuss the game as well as looking ahead to the week’s fixtures

Stitch's Treats
Riding in cars with the Saudis
Points lost or points gained?
Black Suits and Gourds
League Cup & Steamed Veggies
The First Rule of Fight Club
International Chaos
Is it September yet?
So far so good
Off To A Great Start
Let's Get This Party Started!
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