And Now We Drink

And Now We Drink


"The Conversation at the end of the bar" with your favorite Comedians, Musicians, Writers, Actors and Adult performers. Join your host Matt Slayer every Thursday at 3:00 PM EST/12:00 PM PST for drinking and debaucherous stories.

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Podcast Episodes

And Now We Drink Episode 358: With Scarlett Alexis

In this lively episode of “And Now We Drink,” host Matt Slayer welcomes the vibrant and charming  performer Scarlett Alexis. Scarlett is back, ready to share some drinks and engaging conversation with Matt, and the rapport between them is evident from the start.  As they dive into their drinks, Scarlett introduces Matt to Vahirovka, her favorite alcohol from Prague, sparking a discussion on their drinking preferences and the cultural history of various spirits, including the infamous Jeppson’s Malört. The conversation seamlessly transitions to lighter topics like karaoke nights and party experiences, showcasing Scarlett’s fun side and her love for singing. Matt and Scarlett also explore deeper conversations about the ups and downs of their respective careers, the camaraderie and community within the industry, and the importance of maintaining a balanced life beyond the camera. Scarlett shares her insights on being true to oneself, the struggles of staying grounded, and the joy of connecting with genuine people. The episode is peppered with Scarlett’s personal stories, including a humorous yet stressful situation with a former roommate who threatened her and her cats, revealing her resilient and fearless nature. They also touch on Scarlett’s ambitions outside of the industry, highlighting her dreams of a future in music and the idea of living a multi-faceted life. Throughout, the episode remains engaging and entertaining, filled with laughter, personal anecdotes, and introspection. This conversation is a delightful mix of humor, honesty, and insightful discussions, making it a must-listen for fans of the show. Join Matt and Scarlett as they toast to good company, shared stories, and the vibrant life both on and off the screen. Cheers



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