And Now We Drink

And Now We Drink


"The Conversation at the end of the bar" with your favorite Comedians, Musicians, Writers, Actors and Adult performers. Join your host Matt Slayer every Thursday at 3:00 PM EST/12:00 PM PST for drinking and debaucherous stories.

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And Now We Drink Episode 342: With Alison Rey

Dive into the latest episode of And Now We Drink where host Matt Slayer and the vivacious Alison Rey get into some wild and sprawling tangents! They chat about everything from quirky drinking habits (who knew mason jars could channel your inner cowboy?) to the surprising history of line dancing. This isn’t your typical episode—it’s a roller coaster of topics including the mysteries of ASMR, the ins and outs of massage etiquette, and the passionate debate on orgasms versus full-body ASMR experiences. Alison shares her candid thoughts on the importance of personal attention and how a little role-playing can make all the difference. They even delve into the nuances of sexual dynamics within the industry compared to ‘civilians’. Hold on to your headphones as they also touch on the comical realities of quick massages that leave you wanting more—yeah, they go there! But wait, there’s more! As the drinks keep pouring, Alison’s unabashed openness unveils her views on dating, sexuality, and the unexpected perks of dating an enthusiastic fan of her work. Tune in and get ready to slurp along this unfiltered journey into the refreshing honesty and exhilarating life insights of Alison Rey. It’s an uncorked conversation filled with hearty laughter, bold truths, and the kind of spicy banter that will have you craving more. Cheers to another unforgettable episode of And Now We Drink


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