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Art and Jacob Do America


A never ending road trip conversation about an array of topics by 2 and a half Meixcans. We discuss every thing from Sports, Politics, Music, Movies, Conspiracies, and the Super Natural. A podcast cornucopia, if you will.

Category: Comedy, Education, History, Leisure, Music Commentary, Music Interviews, Politics, Society & Culture

Podcast Episodes

369 The Hat Man & The Benadryl Challenge

A lot of crazy shit happened back in 2020.  Covid, lockdowns, Tiger King…etc. But one of the cookiest things to ever occur on the internet is when “The Benadryl Challenge” started trending during this time on the popular social media app, Tik Tok. This resulted in multiple injuries and even the deaths of multiple teens during the peak of this trend. 

But if that wasn’t enough to pray for a future of our nation ….people were actually doing this to  see a sleep paralysis demon/shadow person/alien/inter-dimensional being called…. THE HAT MAN…..!!! God Help Us ALL!

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