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A never ending road trip conversation about an array of topics by 2 and a half Meixcans. We discuss every thing from Sports, Politics, Music, Movies, Conspiracies, and the Super Natural. A podcast cornucopia, if you will.

Podcast Episodes

  • 127 Is 2pac Alive?: The Theory
    November 9th, 2019

    Tupac Shakur. One of, if the not THEE most prolific artist in hip hop history. Previously we covered 2pac on episode 24 , "The 2pac and Biggie Murders", but today we're going to examine the many conspiracies  that caught fire in November of 1996 When his final-"ish" album "Don Killuminiati: The 7 Day Theory" came out 2 months after his supposed "death". Many believe  this album (as well as the many albums that came out posthumously) gave us clues that signaled 2pac had faked his own death. Why would someone so young, do this ? Stay tuned as we dissect each theory and give rational explanations and why we believe these theories simply do not pan out.

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  • 126 The Circleville Letters
    November 2nd, 2019

    This week we take a look at one of the most under appreciated unsolved mysteries...The Circleville Letters. In the late 70's a small town in the middle of Ohio...Circleville … started to receive threatening letters that divulged personal information about their lives. The most famous series of letters went to Bus Driver Mary Gillispie. These letters accused Gillispie of having an  affair with the Super Intendant of Schools. The letter escalated to a series of events that would lead to the death of Gillispie's husband, an attempt on Mary's life, and  the false imprisonment of her brother-in-law. Although they had a man in prison for these crimes....the letters continued  and were being mailed from Columbus Ohio even though Mary's Brother-in-law was in solitary confinement in LIMA, Ohio.....BUT wait there's more!! If you're a fan of the SHOW Unsolved Mysteries you may remember this case from the early 90's. After initially airing this case, Robert Stack and his crew over at the Lifetime Network, received a letter stating: "“Forget Circleville, Ohio: Do nothing to hurt Sherriff Radcliff:If you come to Ohio, you el sickos will pay.”  signed: “The Circleville Writer.”.....DOWNLOAD and LISTEN today to hear more!

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  • 125 Horrors of the Internet Age: The Isla Vista Massacre and The Murder of Bianca Devins
    October 27th, 2019

    To close out October's "Month of Horror" for 2019, we give you two stories from truly the scariest place either Art or I could think of....The Internet. As time goes on, people's online life becomes more real and influential in the physical world . The two cases we examine this week are examples of crimes that have become far too common in today's society. The Isla Vista Massacre (by Elliot Rodger)  and the murder of E-girl/social media influencer Bianca Devins are both cases in which an Internet Incel (Involuntary Celibate Male) takes their online anger and frustrations out on the innocent in the real world. Anther great episode that sparks another great discussion. 


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  • 124 When World's Collide Featuring "We're Not Sure Yet" Podcast
    October 26th, 2019

    Welcome everyone to episode 124 (Despite what you might hear at the beginning of the episode ;) ) !! This week we give you a very special episode of the Art and Jacob Do America Podcast. We welcome to the show the home girls and Podbelly sisters from the "We're Not Sure Yet" Podcast. It's almost like a tear opened up in our universe and Cheyenne and Liz came through from an alternate universe. What i'm trying to say here is if you like the Art and Jacob Do America Podcast you'll love "We're not Sure yet" ...they're basically US..but girls. 

    This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Check out part 2 on their show Ep 77 "Based On a True Story" feat Art and Jacob Do America

    Check out that show as well as other great shows on the Podbelly Network!


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  • 123 Horror Movies Inspired by True Events feat Mister Sam Shearon
    October 19th, 2019

    Horror Movies. A part of a balanced Halloween diet. But this isn't your average "So hey...what's your favorite scary movies?"  Podcast. No, we take a look at some of the most intriguing TRUE stories behind some of Hollywood's most famous...and not so famous Horror films. In just about each instance the truth is stranger....and scarier than fiction. 

    We welcome TWO special guests this week as well ….The great and powerful artist Sam Shearon ( and everyone's favorite buff cousins... Keith Silvas!


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  • 122 Ghost Hunting with The Graveyard Shift!
    October 12th, 2019

    This week on the podcast, we welcome professional ghost hunters Franki Cambeletta and Jeremy King of "The Graveyard Shift"! The guys at the "The Graveyard Shift" are fellow Podbelly Network members as well as award winning film makers. Check out this extremely CHILLING but Awesome interview! Listen to this one with the lights on 

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  • 121 Mysterious and Unexplained Sounds
    October 5th, 2019

    This week we continue our Spooktacular month of October by checking out some of the creepiest sounds ever recorded. 

    We're just going to have to listen to find out....bwhahahaha...


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  • 120 The Axeman of New Orleans
    September 28th, 2019

    100 years ago, New Orleans was struck with gripping fear when an Axeman terrorized the city and began pulverizing it's citizens to SMITHERINGS . His reign of terror focused on breaking into the homes of  Italian American and grocers and their spouses . Ransacking their homes and taking nothing.. BUT THEIR SOULS, It seemed that there was no end in sight. Until one find day the axeman wrote in to the local paper DEMANDING people "JAZZ IT" on a specific date….. or he (who by his account was in close allegiance to Satan and THEE angel of death) would ramp up his killing spree. Citizens of New Orleans played their jazz records non stop and jazz musicians played their songs until their calluses reopened like one of the axeman's victims.

    To hear more stick around for the episode why don't cha!?

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  • 119 The Death of Kurt Cobain
    September 22nd, 2019

    Kurt Cobain. Lead singer/guitarist from the biggest band of the 90's Nirvana. A star who burned out way too soon at the age of 27 (part of the club) when he comitted suicide in April of 1994.....or did he? Some fans believe he also may have been murdered and this was a conspiracy by his wife, Courtney Love,  to stay in his will and benefit from his stardom for years to come.  But are these the only two possibilities? Hmmm we have our theroies... BUT we also take an in depth look at the beginings of this legends life, his upbringing, and his battle with depression and addiction. Great episode and it gets pretty deep this week people....


    ...if it ever gets too deep for any of you all out here PLEASE call the good people at the suicide prevention hot line at 1-800-273-8255



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  • 118 Steve Choi From Rx Bandits
    September 21st, 2019

    This week we welcome Steve Choi from the Band Rx Bandits! Steve is a guitar/keyboard player who you might say was a musical prodigy from a very young age! But let's not spoil the interview with show, Sit back , relax and enjoy this amazing sit down with a member of one of our favorite bands!

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  • 117 Charles Manson Pt 2 (The American Nightmare)
    September 15th, 2019

    Last week we took a look at the boy who was born with no name. That boy would grow to be the man we all know today...Charles Manson

    This week we take a look at the series of events that would take the nation by storm and change American pop culture Forever. Manson was released from prison and onto the Street of San Francisco During 1967's summer of love. He would use the psychological tools he learned in prison to form his infamous "family". For a time this "family" would provide Manson with everything he wanted and needed. However, when he and his rag tag group of hippies would descend upon Los Angeles...his dream would die....

    This week we welcome back to the show Mahdi Kadrii to the show to fill the prestigious 3rd seat 

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  • 116 Charles Manson Pt 1 (Making the Monster)
    September 8th, 2019

    As you can probably tell by the title of this show, this will be part one of Art and Jacob Doing Charles Manson....the topic that is.

    Most people know Charles Manson as the guy who orchestrated one of the most heinous murders of all time. Making him America's most NOTORIOUS criminal. That's usually where every podcast picks up and stops. Well, when we decided to finally tackle this topic we didn't want to just regurgitate text book/Wikipedia history. We wanted to ask HOW? How does someone become this monster? Well we try to answer that question this week by looking at this man's life from birth ...and it's pretty rough folks. So buckle up!

    This week we are joined again by frequent guest, Keith Silvas. Keith fill in the rotating 3rd seat this week by offering his valuable insight on the early life of Manson. Keith Silvas is a published author who's book From the Ruins is out NOW!

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  • 115 NFL 2k19 Season Preview
    September 1st, 2019

    CONSPIRACIES! UFO'S!!! SERIAL KILLERS! TRUE CRIME! UNSOLVED MYSTERIES!! YOU'LL HEAR NOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE OF THAT THIS WEEK! Sorry to those of the millions....AND MILLIONS of AJDA listeners who tune in weekly for that kind of content! BUT! For the other 100 millions listeners who love Football...this show's for you

    We break down fantasy draft picks, player and team projections, make some bold predictions for the season, and give our HIGHLY mature take on the league in general! As a racist country music singer once said …..




    Because WE are! We also welcome special guest...the Champ Kind of the show...TYLER WEIDEMAN!!


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  • 114 The North Hollywood Shootout
    August 24th, 2019

    What's going on you precious pudding pops! This week we welcome back guest Vincent Cruz to the show to discuss another bad ass topic.... THE NORTHHOLLYWOOD SHOOTOUT.

    Now, if you're a child of the 90's (like we were) you probably remember this incident. Not only was this an intense stand off between 2 supremely loaded and armored criminals and the scrappy LAPD....but this was also a critical turning point in the history of the criminal justice system of the United States!

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  • 113 Houska Castle: The Gateway to Hell
    August 19th, 2019

    This week we welcome long time listener Vincent Cruz!

    Vincent suggested we talk about Houska Castle....The Portal to "Hell" … and we obliged!

    Houska Castle is one of the oldest and most well preserved castles in the world. It was originally built as a Gothic styled structure. But after renovation, became a Renaissance-Chateau- styled building. However, the intriguing part about this place is that it's located in the middle of no where. It has NO water source, near no trading routes, and instead of being fortified to keep forces from invaded it from the is fortified to keep forces from escaping from WITHIN it's walls. What forces you may ask? Well legend has it that when construction began on this castle the ground opened up and monsters and demons began to spill out. This massive fissure or hole was thought to be a Gateway/Portal to Hell. Soon, a chapel was built over this hole and the every since, it has become one of the most haunted places on earth!


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  • 112 Pizzagate
    August 11th, 2019

    With the suicide (wiiiink) of Jeff Epstein we felt it only proper to FINALLY cover PIZZAGATE!!


    no no no no no please don't delete this episode (the powers that be) RIGHT OFF THE TOP ALL 3 OF US DO NOT BELIEVE THIS CONSPIRACY TO BE TRUE

    That's right Art is back on this week and we brought on special guest to the show Mahdi Kadri!!

    Very HEAVY subject but we keep it light hearted in the most respectable way possible

    so with that said listen to our conclusions to this crazy conspiracy and let us know what you think

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  • 111 Mister Sam Shearon
    August 5th, 2019

    This week we were without Arturo and Eric....However, We welcomed back AJDA family member....Keith Silvas to the Podcast! Now, as a good as a loyal member of the Art and Jacob Do America family....Keith WAS telling his mama and his boo too about the show. But he went above and beyond and went all the way out to the San Diego Comi-Con to promote and network for the show . While in San Diego Keith met Dark Artist and General Bad Ass...Mister Sam Shearon! 

    Sam Shearon is an artist who has done album covers, merch, and tour posters for such bands as:

    Iron Maiden, Kiss, Ministry, Slayer, Rob Zombie, Rammstein, Doyle, Fear Factory, Bio Hazard, Powerman 5000, Orgy, HIM, and Many more!

    He has also done work for/with Clive Barker, Stan Lee, ESP guitars, Dean, Schecter, Coffin Case, various comics, and graphic novels!

    BUT WAIT.... there's more!! He also is VERY versed in Crypto Zoology as you'll hear in detail on the show!

    Oh yeah and he's played Dracula as well!......I think he also invented Tesla or something too BUT Listen and find out!!!

    you can find him and purchase prints of his works at

    You can also find him on social media at:

    Twitter: @sam_shearon

    Instagram: @mistersamshearon

    Facebook: @mistersamshearon


    You can also find us on all of those social media outlets @artandjacobdoamerica (twitter: artandjacobdoa1)

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    shout out to Mikeal Norse for their symphonic cover of Type O Negative's Black No 1 

  • 110 Area 51
    July 27th, 2019

    What's up guys, i'm not going to spend too much time on these notes because it was a CRAZY night of recording

    1. The computer we record kept restarting and rebooting for no reason

    2. The Equipment decided it was going to REFUSE to record

    3. By the time we got everything sorted out we were all mentally and emotionally frazzled!


    I don't know maybe the government or their Extra Terrestrial allies didn't want us to do this episode?

    But this was a fun episode. We OF CORSE address the whole storm area 51 Facebook event, we discuss the KNOWN history of Area 51 (aka Groom Lake, aka HOMEY AIRPORT), and also the infamous 'former employee' of area 51... Bob Lazar


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    good night guys i'm tired...and this probe hurts

  • 109 The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski
    July 22nd, 2019

    This week we welcome back to the show , the good doctor...Eric Castillo! We also get back to our roots this week and deliver another research based/topic driven Episode 

    We also welcome back Keiths Silvas….to give us his perspective about living in Montana...and here's why...

    We're going to be talking about THE UNABOMBER TED KACZYNSKI

    a the time of his capture , The Unabomber case was the longest and most expensive FBI investigation in U.S. history. 

    However, that's not the most interesting part....(listen of corse to learn more) 


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  • 108 Ross Robinson
    July 13th, 2019

    This week was was BIG one guys!!!

    This week we interviewed the great and powerful Producer …..ROSS ROBINSON AKA the GODFATHER of Nu Metal

    if you're about our age you'll remember him from these albums that he produced 



    Korn- Life is Peacy


    Sepultura- Roots



    Limp Bizkit-Three Dolla Bill Y'all

    and other albums by: Machine Head, At the Drive In, Glassjaw, Norma Jean, Idiot Pilot, Team Sleep, Fear Factory, The Cure, Tech N9ne, Suicide Silence, and the Used


    Amaaaaazing interview , and probably one of the best. It was a religious experience talking to this man! Listen to this one TWICE guys!


    So with that said check him out on his Instagram and message him about any bands YOU guys want him to work with @Ross_Robinson


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  • 107.5 Ridgecrest Earth Quake Reactions and NBA offseason 2k19
    July 8th, 2019

    on this not-so-mini-sode….


    We give our survival stories of the Ridgecrest Earthquakes that occurred July 4th-5th then Jump into the WILDEST NBA offseason ever ….the mix well we PROMISE lol


    We welcome Tyler Weideman on the show to give us his story 


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  • 107 Alex Estrada From Silver Snakes
    July 8th, 2019

    This week we sit down with Musician and Producer Alex Estrada!!

    Alex is the lead singer/guitarist for  Los Angeles based, SILVER SNAKES

    This episode we discuss Alex's Influences, not-so-guilty pleasures, fun with candles, and The Ridgecrest Earthquakes of July 4th and 5th 

    You can check out Alex's band on Spotify/Apple Music,, and @silver_snakes on instagram

    Their latest album is "Death and the Moon" and any fan of industrial, hard core, alt-metal will want to check this album out multiple times!

    You can also check out Alex's studio 


    This week we also Welcome Keith Silvas to the podcast studio to fill in as the 3rd host 

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  • 106 The Phoenix Lights
    June 30th, 2019

    This week we discuss the largest UFO sighting in U.S history.....THE PHOENIX LIGHTS

    Was it extra terrestrial?? Was it super secret government technology?? was it Flares??DRONES??? Candles? 

    we discuss all of those possibilities find out by listening now!


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    also shout out to Audionautix for their music on this episode...I got to put this :


     Alien Sunset by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:



  • 105 The Donny Phillips Interview
    June 23rd, 2019

    We're always breaking new ground here at the podcast studio located in Jacob's spare bedroom! 

    This week we welcome a VERY VERY special guest! The Great and powerful...Donny Phillips! This is also are very fist remote interview (hopefully more to come) 

    Donny is an AMAZING graphic design artist who's PROBABLY  done your favorite album art , and even if he hasn't go to his website and after looking at all of his work ..HE DEFINTELY HAS ;)  Donny has worked with popular artists such as:

    Metallica, Mastodon, Serj Tankian, Seal, Madonna, Devo, Eric Clapton, Eminem, Linkin Park, Jason Derulo, Green Day, Leann Rimes, Josh Groban, RX bandits, Blaqk Audio... hold on let me drink some water....and many more amazing artists!

    Oh yeah he was also apart of the legendary band THE WARRIORS as well....

    Aside from that amazing resume...he's also a really awesome person as well and we believe this may be one of ..if not our best episode yet!


    again check out his work at

    check us out @artandjacobdoamerica on all social media and all podcast platforms (subscribe , like, yadda yadda yadda) 

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  • 104 The Rain City Super Hero Movement
    June 16th, 2019

    This week we take a look at the Seattle Based outfit of vigilantes that call themselves the Rain City Superhero Movement . 

    This group of REAL LIFE SUPERHEROES were founded by super hero suite wearin' Phoenix Jones in 2011 to fight crime on the mean streets of Seattle and lasted until  2014

    Hear there story here!

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    also i got to put this :


    You’re free to use this song in any of your videos, but you must include the following in your video description: Hero's Theme by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

  • 103 Smiley Face Killer(s)
    June 9th, 2019

    This week we take a look at the murder mystery that is....THE SMILEY FACE KILLER(S)….the s in parenthesis  because we don't know if this is a group of murders or a singular murders


    We take a look this theory and come up with a few of our own...STAY TUNED!


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  • 102 The Montreal Screwjob
    June 2nd, 2019

    Here we go again with another WRASSSSLIN episode!! understanding that most of you listening may not be fans we say this....GOOD BECAUSE THIS IS AN EPISODE YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO IF YOU'RE NOT A FAN....and hey if you are a fan, crack open a Steveweiser and enjoy


    This week we discuss one of the most controversial matches of all time! The main even of Survivor Series 1997  between Bret The Hitman Hart and The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels...or as it's more notoriously known as....THE MONTREAL SCREWJOB.

    This event changed the business of pro wrestl...I mean SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT, forever. It's jam packed with real life drama, betrayal, work place politics, and everything in between. 

    We welcome a special guest this week, Tyler Weideman from The Ath-lead podcast. He gives his perspective from 1997-now . 

    Good time recording this episode. 

    Video for facebook live maaaaay be the only video you see this week, for some reason youtube was down while we recorded this episode so unfortunately no HD video was able to broadcast, however we'll upload the facebook live feed to youtube later this week....womp womp. 


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  • 101 The Metal Years: Redux
    May 27th, 2019

    After 100 episodes we needed to take it easy ….however that doesn't mean we're just going to be mailing it. This episode we revisit episode 3 "The Metal Years" Not one of our best shows but the idea was so great we decided to give it an update if you will. Think more like "It" or the new Disney movies...not George Lucas adding random CGI to Star where did that random slug monster thing come from !?! 

    We also get Eric's story on how he found heavy metal as well as meld everything together and explain why metal music MAY BE one of the purest forms of both ART and Entertainment. it's definitely one of the most uniting forms of music and has a way of making the most brutal person ….almost Christ-like...we explore all that and more but listen for more


    Shout outs to Metal: a headbangers journey doc...find that on youtube or the darkweb

    Shout out to Black Sabbath for the tunes 

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    For whatever reason the youtube video for this week was a little janky but I guess there was a huge rain storm that messed up the internet connection so my apologies there to all the viewers...but with that said...enjoy

  • 100th Episode Reflection
    May 19th, 2019

    We made it to 100 episodes....sweet googily moogily !! On this not-so-mini-sode ….we recap the last 100 episodes and how we all got to this position in the first place. Its been a great ride and we got all of you listeners (Cacahuates) to thank for it!

    On our road here we'd like to thank also:


    Art-Topic guy


    Eric-Researcher and drinker of beers

    Eli Sirota- Theme song (when we had one ;) ) 

    Mike Peacock- technical Support

    Steve Comitski- Spiritual Support

    Perla Gonzalez-Jacob's Girlfriend who keeps the house clean

    Elizabeth Warren-Eric's Girlfriend and mothman expert

    Anthony Ochoa- First guest ever 

    Alex Lozano- #1 fan and baker of treats

    Benjamin Aguilar- Movie Expert

    Greg Hampton- Horror Movie expert

    Monica Rivera- Emotional Support and topic suggester 

    Keith Silvas- Topic Suggester and top fan/great singer

    Jesus Fuentes-Record of most appearances/topic suggester/ survivor/agitator

    Kevin Workman - best at getting the word out and A+ human being

    Fight Back CBD- first official sponsor/partner

    Behringer Mics/Mixers/ and equipment

    Audacity-audio editor

    Bang Energy Drinks

    Don Francisco Coffee 


    and that's all I can think of right now and if I forgot you...send all hate mail to me at:


    Joe Rogan, Game of Thrones, Shaquille O'neal, Chris Jericho, 

  • Ep 100 Skinwalker Ranch
    May 19th, 2019

    Last week we took a look at cattle mutilations.....this week we play off that topic and into the famous SKINWALKER RANCH.

    This place has it all...

    Cattle Mutilations (duh)


    Big Foot

    Dire Wolves

    Were Wolves

    Ancient Indian Curses




    Perfect episode to land on for our 100th episode!

    So thank you to the Millions.....AND MILLIONS OF cacahuates out there that listen each and every week and made this 100th episode possible

    Speaking of making things possible

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     Martian Cowboy by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:


    Then also shout out to our brother across the pond Robbie Williams and Iron Maiden

    Also shout out to all the guys over at "Mysteries Decoded" 

  • Ep 99 Cattle Mutilations
    May 12th, 2019

    This week we follow up one of our most successful epsiodes...EP 47 The 37th Parallel. In that episode we touch on Cattle Mutilations . This week we fully explore this phenomena and try to decipher who/what is behind this.  

    Is it natural (Decomposition/Predations) ?

    Is it the Occult?

    Is it the Government/Military?

    Is it Aliens/cryptids??

    Or is it the Corporate Bullies in the Big Beef Industry?

    Listen to find out 


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    ALSO Last but not Least Shout out to all the people at "Mysteries Decoded" check their show out on the CW network or online ….y'all rock!

  • Ep 98 La Llorona
    May 5th, 2019

    This week we bring in  Cinco De Mayo with the Mexican myth....La Llorona

    For all our non Spanish speaking fans that translates to "The Weeping Woman"



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    and shout out to Los Tucanes De Tijuana for their song at the end "La Chona" 

    Best damn song of all time!



  • Ep 97 Avengers End Game Preview/Review
    April 29th, 2019

    Since 2008 the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been setting up for this exact moment in movie history. Avengers: End Game. 

    The First Part of this episode takes place a day before viewing this movie . We give our predictions, our speculations, our hopes, and our fears. No Spoilers will be found here.

    The Second part of this episode takes place the Sunday of opening weekend. We have all now seen the end of this movie and we give our general comedic thoughts and predictions for where the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes now. SPOILERS are ABUNDENT so pause this episode during the warning and continue to listen after you view End Game. 


    Shout out to our guest Jesus Fuentes for coming on and suggesting this idea

    Shout out to our Partner ...Fight Back CBD ( go to 

    Enjoy the show!

  • Ep 96.5 Chopin Shop vol 1
    April 21st, 2019

    we're testing out new ways to record so.....enjoy some bonus comedy footage . Happy Easter y'all

  • Ep 96 Cicada 3301
    April 20th, 2019

    This week we take a look at the internets most in depth and complex puzzle/recruitment game....CICADA 3301. We may not be smart enough to crack the codes but we're smart enough to make a topic about it ...and have some fun with it. 

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  • Ep 95 Game of Thrones Season 8 Preview feat Alex Lozano
    April 15th, 2019

    Well we made it ya'll… almost a year and a half later. Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 aired in 2017 and we're here...damn near half way through 2019 (!!!) and as of this recording date...SEASON 8 begins! Winter is here mutha f'ers and its TIME to finish this series up! But, before we do, Art and Jacob and special guest Alex Lozano, cast our hopes, fears, and predictions for the upcoming and FINAL season of GEEE OOOOOH TEEEEE! so BEWARE there's spoilers all over this episode. 



    Go to they're a partner and we want to make sure they get rich off this podcast! (someone's got to!!)


    shout out to HBO too , keep doin whatchu doin'

  • Ep 94 Wrestlemania 35 Preview (Wrasslemania VOl 3)
    April 6th, 2019



    well now if you're not a wrestling nerd like eri and I you may not be FULLY into this show but there's still comedy gold here!!!


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    Shout out to ESPN, ARiel, WWE, the CFO$ and whoever else we sampled here, we love you stay doin whatchu doin!

  • Ep 93 The Scranton Strangler
    April 1st, 2019

    Episode 93....Art...Jacob...and the drunkest man on the internet...ERIC....we're doing America again like our name was Nancy Grace. We're spreading light on a growing epidemic that started in a small Pennsylvania city...SCRANTON. Here a murderous strangler called "the Scranton Strangler" started a string of events that would lead to a nationwide increase of strangulations. The state of PA say they caught the man …..but the strangulations have only continued and across the country GROWN~!















    APRIL FOOLS! This is totally a joke, and any fan of the office would know that! but stick around and have fun as we convince non office watchers there is  a real problem out there (THAT"S THE REAL PROBLEM ...non office watchers????) anyways Art and I dissect this case and Eric adds in some tangents (he's a non office watcher btw) and we all have fun!


    Check us out LIVE every week on YOUTUBE as we are now live streaming there every week! @ Art and Jacob Do America


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  • Ep 92 Surviving Cancer feat Jesus Fuentes
    March 25th, 2019

    Sup you lil cacahuates !! We are back again giving you your weekly dose of ...US. This week we're down a man but it's all good because Jesus ( you might remember him from Surviving the Las Vegas Shooting, Alien episodes, and getting drunk with us last week) stepped in and told us how he survived....AGAIN...this time from cancer. Kind of a tough subject but still a great story. We do pad it with humor and for some reason make A LOT OF FOOD REFERENCES (musta been hungry). So give this one a good listen and as always enjoy!


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    Shout out to:

    Deadpool and for the sample in the beginning....SUPPORT THEM

    also support DJ 2 Bad for his remix of the classic "Ecstasy of Gold" ---we might make that the new theme song....

  • Ep 91 A PROPER St Patty's Day Show Feat Jesus Fuentes
    March 17th, 2019

    After 365 days we're back in the saddle ready to rumble again for another St Patrick's day special. We Welcome back Jesus Fuentes for his 4th-5th appearance as we discuss all current events and anything and everything you'd expect 3.5 Mexicans to discuss when you put 2 bottles of Jameson, Tulamore Dew, Bushmills, Don Julio, and Conor Mcgregor's PROPER 12 Irish whiskey in front of them.  Hope you enjoy this show as much we enjoed making it!


    shout out to CFO's for their song, as well as whoever created the back ground bar music you hear in the background of this show. (ay muy chignon sound effects) 

  • Ep 90 Exorcism
    March 10th, 2019

    First of all this IS a COMEDY podcast so don't let the name in the subject title scare you away....THis week YES we do cover EXORCSIM. We give you all the who, what, when, where, why, and how....But we also give you the facts as well as our own beliefs. IT GETS F'n Heated for a moment but that the beauty of this episode. Great listen ….you can leave the lights on if ya want ;)



    Shout out to the following for the samples :

    Mike Oldfield for Tubular Bells

    Slipknot for Heretic Anthem

    Linda Blair from the Exorcist

    and the History Channel for their documentary on Exorcism



  • Ep 89 Fluoridation of Water Conspiracy
    March 3rd, 2019

    As we enter the 3rd month of 2019 and start to purify our bodies and souls in the waters of Lake Minnetonka...We must ask ourselves one question....IS THIS WATER SAFE??


    We're back again with another conspiracy episode (Thank Art)

    We take a look at the very REAL practice that our local governments take part in...ADDING FLUORIDE TO OUR WATER SUPPLY.

    We ask and answer all the important questions of WHO says this is ok. What is being done to the water. When did this start....and F'n WHY????? are they doing this???????


    Also wanna shout out LEO Moracchioli for his cover of "This is America" by Donald Glover

    Check out his youtube page and support the man everywhere you download music



  • Ep 88 The Jersey Devil
    February 25th, 2019

    We're back again covering CRYPTIDS!

    This week we tackle the tale of the JERSEY no no ….not the guidos you see on MTV's Jersey Shore ….but the little camel, horse, bat lookin' thing with scary arms, big traps, and skinny yeah still a guido….but a more MYTHICAL guido  IF YOU WILL

    We take on this topic , not just because it was Art's turn to pick , but because it's also Eric's Official one year anniversary of being on the podcast! He started with a cryptid and he shall celebrate his first year with a cryptid. No that's not a joke about his secret sex life...but it probably should be.

    So with all that said ENJOY the show, please remember to rate, review, and subscribe everywhere you listen to podcasts...except you STITCHER. 

    And shout out to Motley Crue for gracing us with your music.... #shoutatthedevil

  • Ep 87 Ben Shapiro
    February 18th, 2019

    When art says "WE WANT FAN SUGGESTIONS"

    We mean it!

    This episode is just that, one of many fan suggested episodes 

    Now to be honest. When we sat down to record this episode I wasn't too sure how well it would turn out

    I wasn't on fire for this topic/person

    I wasn't sure we'd have enough to talk about

    I wasn't sure we'd have a meaningful conversation

    I wasn't sure we'd even be entertaining or funny...

    WE WERE ALL OF THE ABOVE. Great episode this week !!


    Shout out to Freedom Toons on youtube for their sample at the beginning of the episode. Check out their channel now on youtube 

    Also make sure you keep on sharing these episodes with friends and boo boos too. And make sure you always hit the subscribe button on whatever app you listen to us on 

  • Ep. 86 My Bloody Valentine VOL 2
    February 11th, 2019

    Twas the Sunday before Valentines Day...and all through the house....2.5 Mexicans were stirring and popping off at the mouth. 

    This episode we celebrate Valentines Day by giving you a few crime stories motivated LOVE.

    ERIC: Tells the tale of Dr Hamilton who may/may not have bashed in his wife's head to be with a stripper

    ART: Tells the tale of an Air BnB Gone bad and The Scott and Lacy Peterson Story

    Jacob: Tells the Tales of the Russian Man who got stabbed 13 times by his Girlfriend then Proposed in the courthouse AND the John and Lorena Bobbit Story 


    Love is in the air and so is the blood....stay tuned

  • Ep 85 Super Bowl LIII
    February 2nd, 2019

    Well that was quick! Just like that, the NFL season is over. We're here already at the Super Bowl! Chances are 99% of our teams out there didn't make it and we're being forced to watch the Patriots (yet-a-freakin'-gain) and the Rams. More than likely you're like us a cheer for the Rams to fight off the evil empire this year. Now before you sit down with your buds to watch the big game check out this show...but this show's entertainment value is ever green! So that means our pundit football chatter this week will still be enjoyable after the game.

    it's just Eric and Jacob on this one guys but we talk about everything from our feelings about these two teams, the players, the half time show (and it's controversy), Sponge Bob, and Eric rambles on about everything else ( sorry I forgot to turn the dad joke counter this episode but I believe there was a lot still) 


    Any whooot always make sure you join us on Facebook Live when we record these episodes @ artandjacobdoamerica . Follow us on Instagram as well at the same handle for daily funny pics of the weeks' topic. 


    Shout out to whoever really wrote this week's song "Sweet Victory" that shit's epic and I fully endorse everyone going to iTunes and purchasing this song like we did...


    Have good week ya'll 

    Go RAMS?

  • Ep 84 Alex Jones, LOL
    January 27th, 2019

    Welcome to episode 84 !!! Now I will say this PROBABLY wanna turn the volume down for this one. The topic is Alex Jones ...therefore you know all three of us are going to be doing best our Alex Jones impressions....and two of us will actually do it well. 




    This was a fun one y'all. After two straight serious episodes we needed a break and needed to have some fun. What better way than to drop some knowledge and our opinions on this chubby goblin.


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  • Ep 83 R. Kelly: SEX, LIES, & PEEPEE TAPES
    January 21st, 2019

    2019 has just begun and it's already pretty lit in the media! Last year we saw many men fall to the #metoo movement . But one noticeable name had been missing....keyword...HAD. Robert Sylvester Kelly.  Unless you've been living under a rock...or strung up in North Korea or've heard about the Docu-series "Surviving R Kelly". This documentary covers the DECADES LONG sexual misconduct of the Pied Piper or R&B. AFTER you listen to us today , CHECK THAT OUT! We sit down this week and discuss not only that doc, but also the timeline of these allegations, the music, and our feelings about both.  

    Shout out to Dave Chappelle of the clips we used this week. 


    Go to  and use the promo code EBCASTILLO for 10% off

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  • Ep 82 Mongols Motorcycle CLUB
    January 14th, 2019

    And here we are...following up our most downloaded episode to date. Covering a topic that has been requested many times by  folks who may or may not be affiliated with this motorcycle club....THE MONGOLS

    Every so often I will get messages from our social media outlets from this club or people claiming to be from this club. They always cite our episode about the Hell's Angel's and how we need to talk about them next and make sure we say THIS or THAT and I always say "It's coming guys" and then Art wants to talk about a conspiracy and Eric has a dad joke or 6 he wants to insert ….but here we are FINALLY getting to this topic. Not because we're lazy or had no interest in it....NOT AT ALL. BUT....because we wanted to make sure we did this topic RIGHT. 

    I reached out to a couple of verified sources (who will remain nameless for OBVIOUS reasons) and got their input...hopefully we did you guys proud...and if not i'm sure we'll hear about it. BUT with that said hope everyone enjoys this show. We were all under the weather this week with colds , flus, and other ailments so sorry if our jokes fall a little flat this week. However we all had fun this week recording and researching this topic . 

    shout out to Jesse Ventura -you'll hear him at the beginning and the ending of this episode

    SHOUT out to MOTORHEAD- only they could kick off this show right

    Shout out to NOT DEAD YET APPAREL ...type ebcastillo at check out for 15% off

    Shout out to all our other podcasting friends. Eli, Kevin, Steven Mike, Alex, and Dave ya'll know who you know what you did

  • Ep 81 Jonbenet Ramsey: UNSOLVED MYSTERIES VOL 3
    January 6th, 2019

    Welcome Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack people! It's been a while since we last sat down and recorded a show for y'all. The Last few shows were actually the result of a marathon recording session broke down into separate episodes. We all had holiday obligations, and quite frankly...we needed a break. BUT! Tonight we sat our asses down and gave you guys a PROPER show for the new year! 2019 and we are hittin' it hard!


    This week we will be discussing (well rather Eric kinda does a Coup here) the unsolved murder of Jonbenet Ramsey. Anyone who's ever walked through a grocery store line and seen the stacks of tabloids knows about this case...BUT DO YOU REALLY KNOW ABOUT THIS CASE!? or do you simply just know what the media has purported to you ? I honestly have to say leading up to this show I just ASSUMED the parents did it and they were in jail to this day....SPOILER ALERT they are not. I also assumed before recording this every major podcast that had covered this would probably have done this topic as best as could possibly be done....HA! I can say with R & B Sing CONFIDENCE  THIS IS THE BEST JON BENET RAMSEY podcast to date. 


    Godbless Whoever made the unsolved mysteries theme and may Jon benet find justice one day. 

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