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A never ending road trip conversation about an array of topics by 2 and a half Meixcans. We discuss every thing from Sports, Politics, Music, Movies, Conspiracies, and the Super Natural. A podcast cornucopia, if you will.

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  • 122 Ghost Hunting with The Graveyard Shift!
    October 12th, 2019

    This week on the podcast, we welcome professional ghost hunters Franki Cambeletta and Jeremy King of "The Graveyard Shift"! The guys at the "The Graveyard Shift" are fellow Podbelly Network members as well as award winning film makers. Check out this extremely CHILLING but Awesome interview! Listen to this one with the lights on 

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  • 121 Mysterious and Unexplained Sounds
    October 5th, 2019

    This week we continue our Spooktacular month of October by checking out some of the creepiest sounds ever recorded. 

    We're just going to have to listen to find out....bwhahahaha...


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  • 120 The Axeman of New Orleans
    September 28th, 2019

    100 years ago, New Orleans was struck with gripping fear when an Axeman terrorized the city and began pulverizing it's citizens to SMITHERINGS . His reign of terror focused on breaking into the homes of  Italian American and grocers and their spouses . Ransacking their homes and taking nothing.. BUT THEIR SOULS, It seemed that there was no end in sight. Until one find day the axeman wrote in to the local paper DEMANDING people "JAZZ IT" on a specific date….. or he (who by his account was in close allegiance to Satan and THEE angel of death) would ramp up his killing spree. Citizens of New Orleans played their jazz records non stop and jazz musicians played their songs until their calluses reopened like one of the axeman's victims.

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  • 119 The Death of Kurt Cobain
    September 22nd, 2019

    Kurt Cobain. Lead singer/guitarist from the biggest band of the 90's Nirvana. A star who burned out way too soon at the age of 27 (part of the club) when he comitted suicide in April of 1994.....or did he? Some fans believe he also may have been murdered and this was a conspiracy by his wife, Courtney Love,  to stay in his will and benefit from his stardom for years to come.  But are these the only two possibilities? Hmmm we have our theroies... BUT we also take an in depth look at the beginings of this legends life, his upbringing, and his battle with depression and addiction. Great episode and it gets pretty deep this week people....


    ...if it ever gets too deep for any of you all out here PLEASE call the good people at the suicide prevention hot line at 1-800-273-8255



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  • 118 Steve Choi From Rx Bandits
    September 21st, 2019

    This week we welcome Steve Choi from the Band Rx Bandits! Steve is a guitar/keyboard player who you might say was a musical prodigy from a very young age! But let's not spoil the interview with show, Sit back , relax and enjoy this amazing sit down with a member of one of our favorite bands!

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