At Least There’s Coffee

At Least There’s Coffee


A podcast about the bare minimum life has to offer.

Patti Larson and Alex Marino are not—generally speaking—what you would call chipper. But that doesn't mean they don't have interests. Come along as they introduce one another to the simple (and sometimes complex) things that bring them joy in the midst of this plodding march along the hungry abysmal maw of an indifferent universe as it slouches toward inevitable heat death.

We promise it will be fun.

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Podcast Episodes

At Least There's Ultramarathons

This is quite honestly something that, simply by existing, makes Patti’s heart smile. It’s ultramarathons mf’ers! It’s ridiculous and impossible and incredible and THE BEST.


Brought to you by Retro Vague  and the one, the only, El Yucateco!


PS. No, there was no 4x4x48 in March. There was a broken arm and a re-evaluation of the limits of this mortal coil. 

At Least There's Ultramarathons
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At Least There's Sleep
At Least There's Coffee!
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At Least There's Christmas*
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At Least There's PETS!

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