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Baked and Awake is a Pacific Northwest based podcast about Cannabis, Conspiracies, and You...

Category: Religion & Spirituality, Science, Society & Culture, Technology

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News Brief for 11142023

Baked and Awake News Brief for Nov 14 2023

Priority: Normal (Low, Normal, Advisory, High, Severe)

News Roundup courtesy of several sources, noted in description


Hello, and welcome back to the Baked and Awake News Brief, formerly published and distributed via Amazon Alexa, henceforth exclusive to this YouTube Channel.  Credit is Due to the S2 Underground YouTube channel, and their daily reports known as “The Wire” for the inspiration to revive this format and resume sharing regular commentary on timely news topics as examined through the unique perspective of your Host Steve, AKA Baked and Awake.. 







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New 2021 Baked and Awake Podcast Theme Song by DJ Quod with original Viola Composition from Begin Scarseth.  Follow @thefamilyquod on Instagram to hear more 


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Additional Music Provided with permission by Northwest Grab aka https://summoningsickness.bandcamp.com


I’m a Wikipedia Editor! (and you can be, too)



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