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Get ready for an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional storytelling. Dive into a world where fiction comes alive through meticulously crafted narratives that are enriched with captivating voice acting and dimensional sound effects.

Tune in and engage both ears for an auditory adventure that promises to transport you to a realm of imagination beyond the reach of sight alone.

Category: Comedy Fiction, Drama, Fiction, Science Fiction

Podcast Episodes

Halfway Heroes

A counselor at a halfway home for supervillains struggles to help them reintegrate into society and overcome their plethora of personal issues.
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NarratorTy Harper

Jerry Daniel Turnbull

Billy & Mr. MarvelousJonathan Crow

DickDouglas Daly

Carrion & Inspector GibbonsJasmin Bartlett

Electric Eye Alex Reifschneider

TauraKiyana Morgan

President & News Broadcaster Daniel Buttrey

Duke DynamoDavid Nduonofit AKA manyrhombus

Additional VoicesTullio DeSantis
Writer, Producer and Co-Casting DirectorElijah Williams

Director, Producer, Co-Casting Director, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, Re-Recording Mixer and EditorTullio DeSantis
Halfway Heroes is a Both Ears Production

Halfway Heroes
Halfway Heroes Trailer

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