Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters


Gus and Jo are normal bounty hunters until they get pulled into the supernatural world and try to solve a huge mystery.

Category: Comedy, Comedy Fiction, Drama, Fiction, Science Fiction

Podcast Episodes

Bounty Hunters S1 E3 Missing Child?

The team go out on their second missions to a abandoned house to find a missing girl. Cast:Gus Roscoe: Scott Kelly. Jo Darcy: Victoria Kay Maier. Shewt Phurst: Otis Brogdon Jr. Jimi Travis Tyler: Peter Jiang. Mo Colt : Matt Coles. Froggy : Ben Eckert .Unknown: Shawn Joseph .Wally Jensen/demons/ogres/goblins : Connor Staten. Deadlock: Aiden Morgan. Lorraine Jensen: Julie Hoverson.Narrator: Frank Guglielmelli Audio Editor:Clea Cullen Creator/Co writer: Thomas Young Co writer: ghost writer Theme song by : Otis Brogdon Jr.

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