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Brewing The 99


Brewing The Ninety Nine is a Magic: The Gathering podcast dedicated to answering questions and providing information about the format we have all come to love. The show is hosted by two gentlemen that have been playing the game since its inception in the early 1990's as the game has remained a hobby that engulfs their lives to this day. Show your support for the community by becoming a patron today.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 11: Breaking The Rules: Plus+ Commander Variants

Hello and welcome to Brewing The 99 where we talk about all facets of the Magic: the Gathering’s Commander format. This first new years episode we bring you a list and discussion of Commander format variants.  We will also be talking about following Commander rules.  And we have a winner of the Patreon only giveaway, the build that has struck the nation, Brewing the 99’s custom Anowon deck. Stick around to find out who has won and hopefully you will take something away from this episode.

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Commander/EDH Official Rules, Ban list, FAQ, and more: https://mtgcommander.net

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