Canadian SPIRIT

Canadian SPIRIT


Hosts Kelly McMillan and Darcy Baruta of the Supernatural/Paranormal Investigations and Research Institute (SPIRIT) Explore the Supernatural, Paranormal and downright weird cases of Canada using the skills they've honed as paranormal researchers. This Podcast contains adult language and disturbing themes. Keep out of reach of Children.....and the elderly. This is Canadian SPIRIT

Podcast Episodes

  • Ep. 4 - Loup Garou - Werewolves of Canada!
    June 27th, 2020

    On this episode, Kelly and Darcy look into the Loup Garou – A Quebec legend of shapeshifting creatures that reportedly terrified Quebec City in the mid-to-late 18th century. What were these things? What could explain the sudden appearance of a werewolf in Canada? What does the Devil flying a canoe and conspiracy clowns have to do with any of this??

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  • Episode 3a - The Shag Harbour UFO Crash Analysis.
    June 12th, 2020

    Kelly is flying solo this week after Men In Black suits abducted Darcy. Nothing to worry about we're sure, probably just the mormons. This week, Kelly examines similar UFO crashes from around the world, including Russia and the United States and draws parallels from those cases to what happened in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia in October of 1967. Hopefully Kelly's manic ramblings don't derail the episode. Or, if they do, we can only hope he's funny about it....

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  • Episide 3 - The Shag Harbor UFO Crash
    May 29th, 2020

    What crashed in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia on October 7, 1967? Was it an alien spacecraft? What was the American Navy doing there right after the crash? Is Kelly a Furry? All this and more is explored  in this off-the-wall episode.

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  • Episode 2 - Banff Springs Hotel (Alberta)
    May 15th, 2020

    The Banff Springs Hotel has long stood as one of Canada's busiest Hotels.  This week, the SPIRIT boys look into some of the reported spirits, and try to solve the mysteries of The Castle In the Rockies. But First....they're going to take a trip to the Dollar Store, that that might get them arrested.

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  • Episode 1 - The Waheela
    May 1st, 2020

    On the first episode, the SPIRIT boys looks at the Waheela - A giant wolf like creature from the Northwest Territories with a fearsome reputation. 

    Special thanks to Torin for our music, Zack Black For voice overs, and all of our sources. 

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