Captain America Comic Book Fans

Captain America Comic Book Fans


Explore the adventures of Captain America comic books both past and present with Rick Verbanas (former comic shop owner) and Robert Lucius (former Marine)! Reviews, guest interviews and plenty of fun focused on the Star Spangled Avenger... Captain America!

Category: Animation & Manga, Arts, Hobbies

Podcast Episodes

#183: Streets of Poison Part 4 (1990) Captain America #375 by Mark Gruenwald / Ron Lim

It's an all-out brutal slugfest between Daredevil and a drug-influenced Captain America! Part 4 of the Streets of Poison story of Captain America's personal war on drugs that features Diamondback, Black Widow, Bullseye, The Kingpin and more! Plus… Rick explains Southern Hierarchy…

Check this episode out on YouTube: https://youtu.be/enskPGqTbWw

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