Captain America Comic Book Fans

Captain America Comic Book Fans


Explore the adventures of Captain America comic books both past and present with Rick Verbanas (former comic shop owner) and Robert Lucius (former Marine)! Reviews, guest interviews and plenty of fun focused on the Star Spangled Avenger... Captain America!

Category: Animation & Manga, Arts, Hobbies

Podcast Episodes

#164: The Ghost Army Part 2 (2023) Alan Gratz / Brent Schoonover

Part 2 (of 2) exploring this original graphic novel featuring a historical adventure set during WW2, where Cap & Bucky encounter a threat like none they've ever seen… a Ghost Army! Covering Chapters 5-8 panel by panel, Rick & Bob also discuss the horrifying realization about the Golden Girls, and Bob shares a real-life autopsy story…

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