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Changing Hearts & Minds is a military history podcast. Jeff and Andrew cover everything from politics, espionage and the wars that have shaped the history of humanity.

Category: Documentary, Government, History, Society & Culture

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CHM030- The Battle of Bunker Hill

CHM030- The Battle of Bunker Hill



The Revolutionary Wars most casualty producing battle for the British was not Yorktown or Trenton but took place on a hill at the Charlestown Peninsula on July 17, 1775. This episode we go over the mislabelled Battle of Bunker Hill. The lead up, events and personalities involved. 







The Battle of Bunker Hill

By: Scott Waldman




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CHM030- The Battle of Bunker Hill
CHM029 – First Platoon (Author Annie Jacobsen)
CHM028- The Battle of The Crater
CHM027- Cold Harbor
CHM026- Battle of The Aleutian Islands
CHM025- 1914 Christmas Truce
CHM024- Dale Dye
CHM023- Ernie Pyle
CHM022- Texas Revolution
CHM021- The Alamo
CHM020- Jim Bowie
CHM019- Paul Biddiss – BONUS

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