Close Encounters of the Slurred Kind

Close Encounters of the Slurred Kind


We are the pioneers of a dimension known only as the "Anti-Matter Minute"; in layman's terms, the minutes of the day that don't matter.

Step into the pulpit of the preposterous, the newsroom of the nonsensical, your weekly dose of the wacky, weird, & wtf.

Welcome to Close Encounters of the Slurred Kind.

Category: Comedy Fiction

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Galactic Geeks & Growlers

In this latest cosmic journey aboard The Black Swirl, hosts Joeba Fett and Ripley Scott find themselves traversing the vast reaches of a new system. As they ponder the seemingly eternal voyage, they delve into the intriguing realm of cosmic nerds and geeks, both real and imagined. From powerful beings and dudes with cool gadgets to real-world visionaries like Elon Musk, the hosts explore the undeniable influence of geekdom in shaping the universe. The banter takes a meta turn as they share their favorite sci-fi geek moments and engage in a discussion that resonates with the inner nerd in every listener. With their usual blend of humor and insight, Joeba and Ripley celebrate the geeks who boldly go where no one has gone before. The journey concludes as The Black Swirl approaches the outer rim of the Alpha Sigma Sigma System, leaving Dimension Hoppers eagerly anticipating the next cosmic adventure. Stay slurred! 🚀✨

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Enter The True “Meta”-Verse (Personal Tales of Geekiness)

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DIssecting The Geeks of Sci-Fi (Real & Fiction)

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Stop.Drop.Rewind – “Space Force Theme Song”

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