Close Encounters of the Slurred Kind

Close Encounters of the Slurred Kind


We are the pioneers of a dimension known only as the "Anti-Matter Minute"; in layman's terms, the minutes of the day that don't matter.

Step into the pulpit of the preposterous, the newsroom of the nonsensical, your weekly dose of the wacky, weird, & wtf.

Welcome to Close Encounters of the Slurred Kind.

Category: Comedy Fiction

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Secret Sobrieties (I Mean Societies)

Welcome back, Dimension Hoppers! In this thrilling episode of “Close Encounters of The Slurred Kind,” hosts Joeba Fett and Ripley Scott find themselves deep undercover in the enigmatic world of secret societies. Kicking things off with a hilarious, robe-clad infiltration on Zeitgeisticon 7, Joeba and Ripley navigate through bizarre rituals and high councils to uncover valuable secrets—while managing to keep their sanity. Stay tuned and see what happens on another episode of CESK!

Today’s Hyperspace Headlines:

Today’s Banter Beacon: 
Reptilian Rum Makes Me Illumi-naughty

Laugh Alert:
ChatGPT Generated Nonsensical Secret Societies

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