Confessions of a Disney Goth

Confessions of a Disney Goth


Hosts, Amanda and Jackie, discuss the darker side of Disney and Theme Parks in general. They also sprinkle in some industry news, discussions of related TV shows and movies, and basically whatever else they feel like covering that day.

Category: Leisure, Places & Travel, Society & Culture

Podcast Episodes

Ep. 36 Great Adventure Deaths

Amanda and Jackie discuss the long history of dangerous rides, haunted houses set ablaze, and more at their local Six Flag: Great Adventure. 

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Ep. 36 Great Adventure Deaths
Ep. 35 Automatonophobia
Ep. 31 Nick, Jungles, and Harry Potter
Ep. 33 Megalophobia
Ep. 32 Action Park
Ep. 30 Soul
Ep. 29 Hidden Horrors
Ep. 28 Hershey Park
Ep. 27 The Disney Episode – Boy Meets World
Ep. 26 Submechanophobia
Ep. 25 Caroussel of Regress
Ep. 24 The Disney Episode – Roseanne

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