Conspiracy Theoryology

Conspiracy Theoryology


Conspiracy Theoryology focuses on why some alternative theories and beliefs capture popular imagination and work themselves into the public consciousness. Often times it's just a matter of good timing, the "right place, right time" scenario. Other times it seems all too convenient, and the popularity only strengthens the skeptics while deepening the suspicions for the proponents all the more. The conspiracies are summarized, with the most well-known version and details discussed. Then we dive into historical events, contemporary social occurrences, and even layman explorations into psychology and sociology as an explanation for the widespread appeal. There are so many conspiracy theories, urban legends, paranormal beliefs, popular rumors, and mythical lore, that we often take for granted that we know what they are really about. Once you gain a fresh perspective, you may just find yourself taking a new look at old stories.

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