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Copper’s Corner Podcast


Music history podcast hosted by Copper Kelly. Each week Copper talks to musicians about the history and the influence of their favourite artist.

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Townes Van Zandt with Kenan Flannery

Kenan Flannery joins me as we about Townes Van Zandt, the lengendary American singer-songwriter. He wrote the songs “Pancho and Lefty”, “Waitin’ Round to Die”, and “To Live Is to Fly”, which are widely considered masterpieces of American songwriting. 

From a wealthy background, Townes fell into a life of drifting and addictions, with 5 a.m games of Russian Roulette and drunken performances but went on to inspire and influence hundreds of musicians including Steve Earle and EmmyLou Harris.

Kenan Flannery is a Dublin based singer-songwriter who also hosts the Art Saddle with me!

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Townes Van Zandt with Kenan Flannery
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