Correlation Sensation

Correlation Sensation


Two "sapiens of homo" have took it upon themselves to learn about humanity, starting off with neuroscience. Starting off with the history of neuroscience, these two blunder their way around time to somewhat organize a narrative to help paint a picture of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.

Category: Education

Podcast Episodes

E93: Septum Pellucidum
E92: Franciscus Sylvius
E91: Discourse On Method (Descartes Relevance)
E90: Rene Descartes Biography
E89: The Anatomy Of Melancholy
E88: Robert Burton Biography
E87: Mammillary Bodies!
E86: Johannes Kepler (Relevance)
E85: Johannes Kepler
E84: Bonus (Ozark Trip)
E83: Giulio Cesare Aranzi Maggi
E82: Bartolomeo Eustachi (Eustachian Tube)

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