Dramatic Comedy Podcast

Dramatic Comedy Podcast


What do we do when we lose a job, or a loved one, or get in a car wreck, or fall behind on bills, or any other thing that seems to kill any shred of confidence in our own ability to live a life worth living? The answer is simple. We laugh. This podcast discusses the power of laughing at our pain.

Podcast Episodes

  • Comedy talk with Jonathan Flanagan
    July 3rd, 2020
    On today's episode comedian Jonathan Flanagan and I talked about our backgrounds and comedy.
  • Me and My Thoughts
    June 13th, 2020
    No script here. Just me and my thoughts working it out
  • "Chances are She's making the Angel's laugh"
    May 28th, 2020
    In this episode I discuss the intense sense of humor my mom had through her own dramatic trials in life
  • The Mugshot Story
    May 15th, 2020
    In this episode I tell the story about the mug shot that is the cover art for this podcast! Hope you enjoy
  • Andrea is Awesome
    April 24th, 2020
    In today's episode I speak with my pal Andrea. Andrea is a member of the LBGTQ community and talks about people, life, family, and sense of humor. Enjoy!

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