Ectoplasm Show

Ectoplasm Show


Josh Heard and Jason Kupzyk host The Ectoplasm Show! A podcast on the paranormal, sciences, conspiracies, aliens and all the weird crap in the world!

Podcast Episodes

  • 344- Ectoplasm- Dybbuk Box
    September 1st, 2020

    This week on The Ectoplasm Show we discuss Dybbuk Boxes.

    A dybbuk is a restless, usually malicious, spirit believed to be able to haunt and even possess the living. A dybbuk box is exactly what it sounds like, a dybbuk or spirit trapped in a box and sealed in hopes of no one opening it in the future. Effectively keeping the spirit at bay.

    Did Post Malone get cursed by the Dybbuk Box when he visited it at Zak Bagan’s (Ghost Adventures) Haunted Museum in Las Vegas Nevada?

    We then tell an incredibly detailed story from someone claiming that they opened a dybbuk box of their own and the horrors that fell upon them

    Then we discuss whether we really should open one of our own that we purchase off Ebay or somewhere else online.






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    El Yucateco


  • 343-Ectoplasm- Haunted Dolls on Ebay
    August 25th, 2020

    Jason and Josh discuss different haunted objects that are found on ebay!

  • 342- Ectoplasm- Chatting With Jeff Adamec!
    August 18th, 2020

    Jason and Josh are joined by their good friend Jeff Adamec!!

  • 341- Ectoplasm- Dave Moton!
    August 11th, 2020

    Jason and Josh are joined by Sofa King's Dave Moton!! Enjoy!!

  • 340- Ectoplasm- Scientology Sex Magic
    July 31st, 2020

    Kupzyk and Josh dive deep into the inner workings of L Ron Hubbard. Enjoy!!

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