Ex Inferis: A Heavy Metal Podcast

Ex Inferis: A Heavy Metal Podcast


A podcast all about Heavy Metal

Category: Music Commentary, Music History, Music Interviews

Podcast Episodes

Episode XVIII – Fjord Focus: Viking Metal, Nordic Nationalism and Folk Revivalism

In these unprecedented times, can we even recall the last opportunity we could all collectively go on a good pillaging? As was embellished on ancient mystic runes by the hands of the Old Gods themselves, it all seems so “Bjorn today, gone tomorrow” right now. Nevertheless, such as the langskip was built to sever through the Baltic seas, we too must sally forward.

In this week’s feature episode, Matthew, Jamie and Tom fill their mead horns to the brim and regale tales of Norse mysticism, Scandi paganism, geo-nationalism and Amon Amarth-isms. It’s that rather problematic, contrary, paradoxical, yet oddly engaging caricature of a sub-genre, Viking Metal, with all untamed confusion of sonics and symbolism in tow. From 60s counterculture to folk horror revivalism, we go from Asgard to Valhalla with this one.

So put aside your great axes, lay down your historically inaccurate helmets and let us Ragnarok your world.

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