Family Plot Podcast

Family Plot Podcast


An odd dad and his slightly less odd 11 year old daughter discuss strange history, weird true crime and all things paranormal.

Category: Comedy, Documentary, History, Hobbies, Places & Travel, Spirituality

Podcast Episodes

Episode 64 The Jinn Beings of Wonder and Terror

Krysta, Laura and Dean sit down to discuss the Jinn (also known as Djinn and Genies) and their pre-Islamic origins as creatures smokeless flame. But first, Krysta shares some weird and unique facts about the color blue! They discuss the folklore of the Jinn, the powers they were believed to possess, their mortality, their adaptation by Islam, Judaism and Christianity as well as their appearances in story and movies. They even discuss modern appearances of these creatures and whether or not they are or were ever real. So settle in with a map of Petra and your copy of Aladdin and join us as we discuss the Jinn!

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