Family Plot Podcast

Family Plot Podcast


An odd dad and his slightly less odd 11 year old daughter discuss strange history, weird true crime and all things paranormal.

Category: Comedy, Documentary, History, Hobbies, Places & Travel, Spirituality

Podcast Episodes

Episode 173 24 Hours Later the Death of Two Teens in Little Falls, MN

A burglar breaks into your home, what do you do? David Byron Smith, 64, responded by installing video surveillance and when he saw the person he believed to be responsible for the burglaries, he laid a trap killing him AND his cousin and then waited 24 hours to call the police. All this on Thanksgiving day. We discuss this case, the victims Haile Kifer and Nicholas Brady, their actions as well as their killers and the controversy that arose after their deaths. We also discuss how we all have that one friend who can push us to break the rules, for whatever reason, the difference between the Castle doctrine and stand your ground and where that line is between defending oneself and being predatory in this controversial Thanksgiving episode of the Family Plot podcast!

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