Family Plot Podcast

Family Plot Podcast


An odd dad and his slightly less odd 11 year old daughter discuss strange history, weird true crime and all things paranormal.

Category: Comedy, Documentary, History, Hobbies, Places & Travel, Spirituality

Podcast Episodes

Episode 40 Super Heroes and Human Oddities

Laura, Dean and Krysta discuss super heroes, a brief note about kinds of heroes and then they go on an audio adventure looking for real world heroes. They discuss paranormalist Uri Geller as well as many of the people featured on the History Channel show Superhumans both debunking AND explaining what it takes to be so amazing. They discuss folks that are able to use their bodies to channel electricity and those able to generate heat, or survive extreme cold. They discuss modern day Samurai with the ability to cut rubber pellets moving at 200 miles an hour in half as well as other feats, some not quite so amazing. So settle in for a discussion of real powers in a the real world. You won’t believe a podcast can fly!!!!

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