Friend Time Podcast

Friend Time Podcast


Not here for a long time— just a Friend Time
Julie and Amanda bring the ruckus each and every episode.

Podcast Episodes

  • Feelin' Good As Hell
    September 16th, 2019
    The girls saw Queen Lizzo and are still baking in the feel good afterglow! Need advice on the best way to leave your husband? Amanda's gotchu. Don't get on Julie's kraut side. Friend Time is a member of PodBelly network.
  • Summer of Buttery Nipples
    August 29th, 2019
    We know, we know. We have slacked so hard you might as well call us dockers. We are back. So sorry this episode was so delayed in being released. We're talking about some nights out (including birthday shenanigans). The Creative Loafing awards mentioned had the voting extended to 9/4 (they must have known we wouldn't have this episode out on time). All links can be found in our Instagram bio. @friendtimepod. Friend Time Podcast is proud to announce we are now part of PodBelly Network of podcasts. We missed you guys. Love you long time, enjoy the episode!
  • Sure Shot
    July 23rd, 2019
    Oh man, oh man The girls are coming in hot with some more wild tales. Amanda's kids have no idea she was the queen of crunk. Julie is really good at calling people by the right name...It's a whole thing. As always we are bringing the hard hitting questions to the people. Such as: is it always pimps up hoes down? How much would you be willing to gamble in an illegal fish fighting ring? Are you ready for butterfly clip kiosks to make a return? All this and so much more on friend time.

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