Friends Fascinated

Friends Fascinated


Join McKensey & Jett every week to learn more about the remarkable world. There are so many fascinating topics to explore like countercultures, medical mysteries, and conspiracy theories. This podcast will deep dive into the stories behind them. Friends Fascinated can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have a curious story you'd like featured on an upcoming episode, email [email protected].

Category: Comedy, History, Leisure, Medicine, Mental Health, Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality, Science Fiction, Social Sciences, Society & Culture, Spirituality

Podcast Episodes

Bean Water Cow Goo

This week on Friends
Fascinated McKensey and Jett discuss the feelings of different cities, a mysterious string of deaths, and the wonders of coffee. 


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Instagram: Friends


Bean Water Cow Goo
The Main Character Dies at the End
New York Facelift
People Soup
Rushing to the Ocean so We Don’t Die From Stress
We’re Back Babyyyy
26. 2020 REFLECTED
25. Politics NEGLECTED
24. Covid-19 RECOVERED
23. Vulnerability EMBRACED
22. The Black Plague DIAGNOSED
21. Fraternities/Sororities EXPOSED

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