From a Gen-X Point of View

From a Gen-X Point of View


We are Generation X! They called us slackers, apathetic, and aimless. What we became was the true Greatest Generation! The trend-setters. The early adopters. And soon, we're going to be running the world!Join us as Dave and Mr. Roskam tell stories about growing up as Gen-X and give their uncensored opinions on pop culture, politics and technology From a Gen-X Point of View!

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 21 – From Dusk till Dawn 25th Anniversary!

Last week marked the 25th Anniversary of the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino classic, From Dusk till Dawn.  We discuss our memories of seeing this movie back in 1996 and take a 2021 examination of this brilliant vampire action/horror movie!

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