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Geekly Distraction


Geekly Distraction is made up of 3 sisters. We love to geek out over tv shows, movies, books, music, and games. Every week we pick a topic to discuss. Tons of spoilers in our episodes so maybe watch the episode or movie we discuss before listening in. We usually try to keep up to date with new movies coming out or popular tv shows. Because of busy schedules, we take 2 small breaks during the year.

Category: Fiction, Film Reviews, Hobbies, Science Fiction, TV & Film, TV Reviews

Podcast Episodes

7.02 Jojo Rabbit Review

Hello! Welcome back to episode 2! This week we go into the wonderful world of Jojo, where his imaginary best friend is none other than Hitler. Yes, folks, you heard right, Hitler. If you haven’t watched this movie, we suggest you watch it. This dark comedy will have you laughing even at the most inappropriate times. Join us as we discuss characters and how this movie actually works. We’ll be back next week. Join us on Instagram and Facebook.

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