Happy Horror Coffee Break (old time horror radio show)

Happy Horror Coffee Break (old time horror radio show)


The scariest stories on the internet made fun!
We take the best and WORST creepypasta stories online, and act them out in the form of old timey horror radio dramas, all in about the span of a Coffee Break. There’s plenty of special guests. We have music, and t-shirst! It’s the extra SCREAM in your latte!

Category: Comedy Interviews

Podcast Episodes

Season 6.66, Ep. 5: Hack Magic

What’s the worst that could happen if you and your friends played the “forbidden game”?

Or what if you found out you could talk to the dead from the future? Would you heed the warning signs, or would you cry like a little baby every night? You baby. 

This week’s Stories:

“Black Magic”

By praisethe_emotrinity

Read by Brackett of Kreatures n Kreeps


“I’ve had the same dream for 26 years”

By Allan Loe

Read by The Moors

Musical guest: The Moors 

“Queen of Stings”


”Introduction to Happy Horror”

by The Classy Wrecks

Horror Hotline:



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