Haunted Happy Hour Podcast

Haunted Happy Hour Podcast


A paranormal podcast dedicated to uncorking chilling conversations about the history, hauntings and lore throughout our hometowns and across the Midwest.

Category: History, Society & Culture

Podcast Episodes

Ashmore Estates (Part 2)

In this episode, hosts Lili and Vanessa recount their overnight investigation at Ashmore Estates, where they encountered phantom footsteps, knocking, other unexplainable noises and took part in their first Estes Method sessions.

Paranormal Team: Eternal Paranormal


Title Theme: “It Follows” by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


Ashmore Estates (Part 2)
Ashmore Estates (Part 1)
Supernatural Experiences
John Wayne Gacy & The Montauk Project
Tiedemann House & Hotel del Coronado
Fox Hollow Farm and The Gurdon Light
Eerie Myths & Beyond | Day of the Dead
Horror Movie Curses
Mysterious Legends of the Heartland
10 Urban Legends
Missouri State Penitentiary & CMU
The Boyd House

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