Hill City Paranormal

Hill City Paranormal


A haunting podcast experience by the Hill City Paranormal team. Join us as we share stories from our Haunted Hotline, interviews and behind the scenes info of our investigations and stories plucked from our imagination and experiences in Tales from the Beyond.

Category: Documentary, Drama, Religion & Spirituality, Science Fiction, Society & Culture

Podcast Episodes

Haunted Hotline: Red Belts

A loyal listener calls with a campfire story that will surprise you… have a spooky story? Call our Haunted Hotline at 701-428-6833 … 701-HAUNTED ..

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Haunted Hotline: Red Belts
News from the Beyond: November 23rd, 2020
Haunted Hotline: Chatting Away
Haunted Hotline: Sleepy Spirit
Haunted Hotline: Orange Eyes
Haunted Hotline: Little Men
Haunted Hotline: Bloody Sink
Haunted Hotline: Hello…
Haunted Hotline: Shower Walker
HCP Visits: Radio Replay 8/25/2020
Haunted Hotline: She is with us
Beyond Banter: Dead Heat

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