Hillbilly Horror Stories

Hillbilly Horror Stories


Hillbilly Horror Stories is a mostly paranormal show hosted by stand up comedian Jerry Paulley and his wife Tracy. We touch on all things eerie including true stories behind your favorite horror movies, Rock n Roll and the occult, unsolved mysteries and creepy true crime. Serious enough for the true paranormal fan but funny enough for the skeptics!

Podcast Episodes

  • HHS Midweek 7 John Wayne's Yacht, Tim Frick & The Fear Of The Week
    December 11th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy discuss the Wild Goose, John Wayne's haunted yacht, talk conspiracy theories with Tim Frick from Project Reclamation Podcast and have the first installment of Fear Of The Week with author Leslie Fear.
  • 176. The Moonlight Murders
    December 9th, 2019
    Tracy & Jerry discuss the Moonlight Murders of Texarkana.
  • HHS Midweek 6 I've Always Known You & Pet Psychic Carrie Kenady
    December 4th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy Tell you a creepy story about a librarian and a little boy and then talk to pet psychic Carrie Kenady.
  • 175 The Yeti
    December 2nd, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy discuss the origin of the Yeti including evidence, sightings and scientific testing
  • HHS Midweek 5 Fairview Cemetery & Cryptidworld
    November 27th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy discuss an encounter at Fairview Cemetery in Bowling Green , KY and are joined by T.S. Mart and Mel Cabre from Cryptidworld to discuss their new book and cryptids.
  • 174: Haunted Catalina
    November 25th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy talk about a few legends of Catalina Island including 3 places of lodging, the Glenmore Hotel, the Banning House and the Catalina Boat House Hotel
  • HHS Midweek 4 Demon of Wizard Clip & Serial Spirits
    November 20th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy discuss West Virginia's demon of Wizard Clips and talk paranormal experiences with Paranormal investigators and host of Serial Spirits podcast Brendan Shay & Annie Weebs
  • 173: The Falcon Lake Incident
    November 17th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy talk about the most Documented UFO encounter in Canada, the Falcon Lake Incident. We also talk about Kelly Cahill and her possible abduction in Australia
  • HHS Midweek 3 Gladstone Villa & Author Leslie Fear
    November 14th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy talked about the Gladstone Villa in the UK and are joined by paranormal romance author Leslie Fear to discuss some of her paranormal experiences.
  • 172: Haunted Battleships
    November 11th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy talk 3 haunted battleships that are now museums in honor of Veterans Day.Hear about the USS North Carolina, USS Lexington & USS Texas!
  • HHS Midweek 2 Poogan's Porch & Ashley Godwin
    November 7th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy discuss Poogan's Porch, a haunted restaurant in Charleston, SC and welcome paranormal investigator Ashley Godwin from SYFY Channel's Ghost Hunters International
  • 171: Past Lives 3
    November 4th, 2019
    Tracy & Jerry give you more past life stories but these have a unique twist!
  • HHS Halloween Bonus: Surprise guests Astonishing Legends
    October 31st, 2019
  • HHS Midweek 1 Bonnie Springs Ranch & Fox Valley Ghost Hunters
    October 30th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy talk about Bonnie Springs Ranch outside of Las Vegas and then are joined by author and founder of Fox Valley Paranormal, Craig Nehring as well as his 2 lead investigators, Melisa & Travis Clevinger to talk all things paranormal.
  • 2019 Halloween Special
    October 29th, 2019
    Join Hillbilly Horror Stories and 20 other podcasts for this 3.5 hr special.Guests include Real Ghost Stories Online, A Paranormal Chicks, Serial Spirits, According to an Idiot, History Goes Bump, The Conspiritors, Freak Nation, Paranormal Punchers, Paranormal Prowlers, Tragedy of Cinema, The Synful Show, We Drink & We Know Things, Hillbilly Horror House, Realm of the Supernatural, The Black Crypt, Shoes, Boos & Tattoos, Westside Fairy Tales, Historical Blindness, Zeng This and Blurry Photos.
  • 170: The San Pedro Poltergeist
    October 27th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy discuss the San Pedro Poltergeist from the late 1980's in California. This took place ovefr a 3 year period and in multiple locations.
  • 169: Christine
    October 21st, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy discuss the real life car that was the inspiration for Stephen King's Christine and a few other haunted cars.
  • 168: The Watcher
    October 13th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy talk about the infamous story from New Jersey where a new home owner is tormented by letters from someone known as the Watcher
  • 167: Pegram Cemetery & Asylum 49
    October 6th, 2019
    Jerry & Tracy discuss the cursed town of Pegram, TN and Asylum 49 in Utah. This is a nursing home attached to haunted attraction
  • 166: Silver Queen Hotel
    September 29th, 2019
    Tracy & Jerry discuss the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City, Nevada

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