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Hillbilly Horror Stories


Hillbilly Horror Stories is a mostly paranormal show hosted by stand up comedian Jerry Paulley and his wife Tracy. We touch on all things eerie including true stories behind your favorite horror movies, Rock n Roll and the occult, unsolved mysteries and creepy true crime. Serious enough for the true paranormal fan but funny enough for the skeptics!

Podcast Episodes

  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 29 House of Death
    September 28th, 2020
    Christen & Dakota talk about the House of Death.
  • 219: Sunshine Skyway Bridge
    September 27th, 2020
    Tracy & Jerry discuss the cursed Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa, FL. Curtis from the Haunted Hotel in Louisville stops by to tell us about real spirits in some local haunts
  • Introducing Hometown History
    September 23rd, 2020
    Hometown History Brought to you by Shane Waters & Nicholas De Neff Hometown History shares little known history from America’s Hometowns Check out the website ItsHometownHistory.com Subscribe where ever you listen to podcasts!
  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 28 Campfire Tales
    September 21st, 2020
    Dakota and Christen set the tone for Halloween!
  • 218: Real Life Zombies
    September 20th, 2020
    Subscribe to Prairieland Paranormal Podcast www.prairielandparanormalpodcast.com (http://www.prairielandparanormalpodcast.com/)
  • 217: HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 27 Enfield Poltergeist
    September 14th, 2020
    Christen and Dakota talk about England's Most famous poltergeist which inspired the Conjuring 2
  • 217: Haunted Disneyland
    September 14th, 2020
    Jerry and Tracy tell you some unhappy tales from the happiest place on earth. James & Beth from the Yesteryear Podcast join us to talk about Creepshow. Check out our spotlight podcast of the week The Prairieland Paranormal Podcast www.prairielandparanormalpodcast.com
  • Introducing Foul Play
    September 9th, 2020
    You are probably familiar with Shane Waters & Gemma Hoskins from their work on the Netflix documentary the Keepers or from Shane's interview with Nancy Grace about his involvement in discovering the true identity of some of the victims from the unsolved Red Headed Murders case. Shane is back at it with is co host Wendy for their podcast Foul Play. This season called The Maps, they are investigating the case of the serial killer duo Wesley Shermantine and Lauren Herzog They were best friends who evolved from hunting animals to hunting and torturing humans, some of whom were even their friends. Their reign of terror spanned 15 years and it is estimated that they killed more than 60 people. After being convicted of only a couple murders, Shermantine started drawing a huge map that showed the locations of their victims. One location was an abandoned well, where they found several bodies, and there are lots of other locations of remains that still haven't been explored yet.
  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 26 Haunted Movie Sets
    September 7th, 2020
    Dakota had to use a sick day on this one but mom Christen was able to do this one solo.
  • 216: Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse
    September 6th, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy discuss the haunting at the old and new Butte- Silver Bow courthouse.
  • HHS presents Hillbilly Youngins 25 Lizzy Borden
    August 31st, 2020
    Christen & Dakota discuss the infamous Lizzy Borden
  • 215: Haunted Cemeteries
    August 31st, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy discuss Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, Rookwood Necropolis in Sydney, and Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur. Karen Ladd joins to tell a story about her mother that was pronounced dead and woke up in the morgue.
  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 24 Bleeding Walls
    August 24th, 2020
    Christen and Dakota discuss the strange happenings in their new house.
  • 214: Kentucky Werewolves
    August 23rd, 2020
    Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfQ29XPERBQ https://www.sentinelnews.com/content/earlier-livestock-mauled-viscious-attacks-waddy http://www.kentuckybigfoot.com/counties/shelby.htm https://www.wlky.com/article/shelby-co-authorities-say-dog-responsible-for-attacks-on-livestock-1/3778685 http://philipspencer.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-waddy-werewolf-what-is-real-story.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzGRyVcYsqQ https://cryptidz.fandom.com/wiki/Beast_of_the_Land_Between_the_Lakes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYoOc0GCEgI&t=2220s
  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 23 Pet Cemeteries
    August 17th, 2020
    Christen & Discuss their new house, new pets and some pet cemeteries
  • 213: Old Presque Isle Lighthouse
    August 17th, 2020
    Credits: Lighthouse Ghosts by Elizabeth Davidson https://www.michigan.org/property/old-presque-isle-lighthouse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Presque_Isle_Light https://www.michigan.org/property/old-presque-isle-lighthouse https://presqueislelighthouses.org/
  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 22 The Cat Lady & the Lighted Lantern
    August 10th, 2020
    Christen & Dakota tell you a few spooky tells from West Virginia
  • 212: Haunted Yellowstone National Park
    August 10th, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy discuss several haunted places in America's first national park. Jesse and Bre tell us about working in an actual haunted haunted attraction.
  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 21 Haunted Louisville
    August 3rd, 2020
    Christen & Dakota talk about a few of Louisville's most haunted places.
  • 211: BallyGally Castle Hotel
    August 3rd, 2020
    Tracy & Jerry discuss Ireland's BallyGally Castle Hotel & are joined by Andrea & Tom Payne from We Drink And we Know Things
  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 20 Headless Nun & Gates of Hell Cemetery
    July 27th, 2020
    Christen & Dakota talk about two Kentucky legends.
  • 210: Missouri State Penitentiary
    July 27th, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy discuss the very haunted Missouri State Penitentiary, nicknamed the "Bloodiest 47 acres in America." Leslie Fear drops by for the Fear of the Week Ep 24 talking about brain eating ameoba.
  • Introducing...Because I Wanna Know with Leslie Fear
    July 21st, 2020
    Subscribe to Author Leslie Fear's new podcast, Because I Wanna Know is a podcast that has interviews with people with interesting careers and hobbies because Leslie wants to know about these things!
  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 19 Eastern State Penitentiary
    July 20th, 2020
    Christen & Dakota discuss Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary
  • 209: The Greenbriar Ghost
    July 19th, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy do a reboot of the very 1st HHS story told almost 4 yrs ago with Jerry & Ricky. Karen Predoza joins us to talk about why children shouldn't go on paranormal investigations.
  • Introducing Once Upon a Time In...the Valley
    July 14th, 2020
    In the roaring 1980s X world, Traci Lords reigned supreme. No one questioned her right to sovereignty. Only, it turned out, the biggest star in Adult, wasn’t one. As America would discover in July 1986, when the FBI busted down her door. Traci Lords was really Nora Kuzma, who entered the industry as a 15-year-old high school sophomore. Traci, the victim, was saved. And the industry, the villain, was very nearly destroyed. But what if the victim here was also the villain; the villain, also the victim? Welcome to Once Upon a Time… in the Valley is the world's first real-life psychological thriller and porno-noir mystery. ​
  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 18 Winchester Mystery House
    July 13th, 2020
    Christen & Dakota discuss the infamous Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California
  • 208: Paintsville UFO
    July 13th, 2020
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  • Hillbilly Youngins 17 Headless Ghost of Fort Harrod
    July 6th, 2020
    Christen 7 Dakota discuss a Kentucky legend
  • 207: Haunted Objects
    July 5th, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy discuss 3 haunted objects. The Tallman bunkbeds, Anna Baker's wedding dress and the Busby stoop chair.
  • Wondery presents GURU: The Dark Side of Enlightenment
    July 1st, 2020
    When we face challenges in life, we seek answers from people we believe can help us. When tragedy strikes an exclusive retreat with a self-help superstar, many people are left to wonder: how far is too far? James Arthur Ray was an Oprah-endorsed self-help teacher who achieved fame, fortune, and influence. But friends and family members of his followers questioned his unorthodox methods, and tried to stop him. From Wondery, the makers of “Dirty John,” “Dr. Death,” and “The Shrink Next Door,” comes a story about the dark side of enlightenment. Hosted by journalist Matt Stroud. Listen today at http://wondery.fm/hillbillyhorror_guru
  • Radio Rental
    June 30th, 2020
    Radio Rental is from Tenderfoot TV who brought you Up and Vanished, Atlanta Monster & to Live and Die In L.A. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcasts!
  • Hillbilly Youngins 16 Camp Taylor
    June 29th, 2020
    Christen & Dakota talk about an entire haunted neighborhood in Louisville, KY
  • 206: Wabasha Street Caves & Chicken Coop Murders
    June 28th, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy talk about the true crime & hauntings of the Wabasha Street Caves in Minnesota, Round Cypress Head & the Chicken Coop murders and special guest Jesse & Bre.
  • hillbilly youngins 15 Myrtles Plantation
    June 22nd, 2020
    Dakota & Christen discuss the Myrtles Plantation in Saint Francisville, Louisiana
  • 206: Rolling Hills Asylum & Mike McArthur
    June 21st, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy discuss the Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, NY. Shadow figures and ghostly children can be found in one of the most haunted places in the US. We are joined by paranormal investigator Mike McArthur to talk about some of his scariest eperiences.
  • HHS Presents Fear Of The Week 22 Ghost Town Quarantine & Strange Medical Facts
    June 18th, 2020
    Jerry & Christen talk about a man who bought a haunted ghost town and then got trapped there during the Covid 19 quarantine. Author Leslie Fear tells us some truly strange medical facts.
  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 14 Faulkner House Books
    June 15th, 2020
    Christen & Dakota discuss Faulkner House Books in New Orleans
  • 204: The Black Donnellys & Keith Linder
    June 15th, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy discuss Canada's infamous Black Donnellys and Keith Linder from the Bothell Hell House stops by to talk about his homes appearance on Ghost Adventures Screaming Room
  • HHS Presents Fear Of The Week 21 Quarantine Haunted Houses & Human Body Facts
    June 11th, 2020
    Jerry & Christen talk about some people dealing with ghosts during their quarantine. Author Leslie Fear tells us some interesting facts about the body.
  • HHS Midweek 33 Pensacola Lighthouse & Hollyweird Paranormal
    June 10th, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy discuss the Pensacola lighthouse and then welcome Tammy & Brice from Hollyweird Paranormal
  • HHS Presents Paranormal Encounters 22 Cristen
    June 9th, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy welcome special guest Cristen to talk about the Gates of Hell Cemetery in Elizabethtown, KY
  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 13 Bobby Mackey's
    June 8th, 2020
    Christen & Dakota talk about the most haunted honktonk in the world.
  • 203: Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
    June 8th, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy discuss the very haunted Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada. Hear about the infamous Ghost Bride, Sam the Bellman and of course the missing room 873.
  • HHS Midweek 32 The Talbott Hotel & Gwendolyn Guthrie Weston
    June 3rd, 2020
    Jerry & Tracy talk about the Talbott Hotel and Mary, Queen of Scots in England. Gwendolyn Guthrie-Weston from Uncharted Para-Cryptid Studies comes on and tells us the story she had featured on These Woods Are Haunted.
  • HHS Presents Paranormal Encounters 21 Sharon.mp
    June 2nd, 2020
    Sharon from Ohio is our special guest today.
  • Important Changes to Hillbilly Horror Stories
    June 1st, 2020
  • HHS Presents Hillbilly Youngins 12 Poveglia Island
    June 1st, 2020
    Christen & Dakota talk about the infamous haunted island in Italy, Poveglia.
  • 202: Bhanghar fort
    May 31st, 2020
    Tonight's episode is sponsored by Keen. Get your first 10-minute reading for only $1.99 with Keen: http://trykeen.com/hillbillyhorrorstories Jerry & Tracy discuss India's most haunted locattion, Bhangarh Fort.
  • HHS Presents Fear Of The Week 20 House For Sale & Gross Facts
    May 28th, 2020
    Jerry & Christen talk about a haunted house in Louisiana that you can have for free. Author Leslie Fear tells us some gross facts.

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