Horsing Around With Bonnie and Naomi

Horsing Around With Bonnie and Naomi


Our podcast talks about the places that we explore. We explore abandoned buildings, abandoned houses, historical sites, and anything else that we find interesting.

Category: Hobbies

Podcast Episodes

Cooley High School

In this episdoe talk about the amazing Cooley High School. This school is so amazing. To see photos of the places we explore follow us Instagram www.instagram.com/eploringwithbonnie and www.instagram.com/naomi.s_adventures. Subscribe to our YouTube channels Exploring With Bonnie and Naomi’s Adventures.

Cooley High School
Abandoned Amphitheater
Hllendale Bridge
Ghost Towns
Abandoned Schhols
Abandoned Observitory
Interview With Stantons Journey
Iron Soup
Killdeer Reservoir
Abandoned power plant
Pet Cemetery

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