How We Met True Love Stories

How We Met True Love Stories


Steve and Angeldawn are the creators of "How We Met - True Love Stories." A pair that love to share the true stories of how couples met in a fun and sometimes comical way. Join HWM TLS on our weekly podcasts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Category: Comedy, History, Music

Podcast Episodes

Brand New Tidbit!


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Brand New Tidbit!
Tidbit 35
Tidbit 34. We are back!
Coming back soon!
S2 E14. John Smith & Pocahontas
Bonus Friday 34. Slang Of The Millennials
Tidbit 33
Bonus Friday 33. Slang of the 90's
S2 E13. Ken and Karen Special episode.
Bonus Friday 32. Slang Part 7. The 80's
S2 E12. Mary & Percy Shelley
Tidbit 32. Whats going on and some shout outs!

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