Just the Worst

Just the Worst


Things that are wonderful: the world, humanity, technology... Things that are THE WORST? Same list. Here's a podcast from your new favorite internet crabapples, Patti & Valentina. They're gonna gripe a lot about a little of everything.

Category: Comedy

Podcast Episodes

Whine and I Scream

What to do when the entire world has turned upside down? Eat ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. It soothes a throat that aches from coronavirus, it’s basically milk so should be allowed on the Senate floor, it coats all the negative feels in a layer of fat and sugar… it truly is the answer to all things. So eat up! This and other great life advice on today’s episode of Just the Worst! 

Whine and I Scream
Flip Flop Girl
Entertain Us
Life Hacks
Episode 99: Guns & Drugs
Episode 98: Ways to Kill a Mouse
Episode 97: Just Another Serial Killer
Episode 96: Trainwreck
Episode 95: Safe Sport?
Episode 94: Dumpster Fire
Episode 93: What’s Their Excuse?

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