Just the Worst

Just the Worst


Things that are wonderful: the world, humanity, technology... Things that are THE WORST? Same list. Here's a podcast from your new favorite internet crabapples, Patti & Valentina. They're gonna gripe a lot about a little of everything.

Podcast Episodes

  • Episode 95: Safe Sport?
    October 22nd, 2019

    We know what you're thinking. "Oh boy, here it is... a whole episode about horses. Knew this podcast was going to devolve to this." But no! Well, yes, but also no. Have you ever heard of SafeSport? It's the US sports world's answer to Larry Nasser. And along with most other sports (that quite honestly we don't care about) it's hit the equestrian world pretty hard. Call this episode a case study of the organization and help us decide if it's a good thing, bad thing, or just another thing. 

  • Episode 94: Dumpster Fire
    October 14th, 2019

    Welcome to our first remote episode! Have you ever tried to line up to audio tracks so the conversation sounds normal? Yeah, us either. But we tried. For you. So you could hear our opinions on American Horror Story, eating tiny song birds, victimhood, and other random topics. It's all going to get better from here! 

  • Episode 93: What's Their Excuse?
    September 23rd, 2019

    Patti has been making a valiant effort to take a cue from Valentina and WATCH MORE TV. Man, was that a mistake. First it was Unbelievable - which was infuriating. And then it was the Chelsea Handler documentary, also pretty unacceptable sh*t going on. But then. THEN came Surviving R Kelly. And holy hell people, what a cornucopia of horribleness. Hide your kids, hide your wife... this one is all about one Robert Kelly. 

  • Episode 92: Are You Skinny Fat?
    September 16th, 2019

    We meant to talk about bans, i.e. things that the U.S. has banned and how that worked out. But we had some technical difficulties. OK, many technical difficulties. And by the time those got fixed we'd moved on to the crazy body image things women are subjected to, smoking (and its assistance in reaching said body image), vaping (we did talk about the ban here), and some other stuff. 

  • Episode 91: Father Whatawaste
    September 9th, 2019

    This episode is a heavy one. Is there a god? Does he/she/it give you more than you can handle? Will the human era last longer than that of the dinosaurs? What is your favorite dinosaur? Why would anyone become a priest in this day and age? Have a story that is worthy of a t-shirt? Tell us about it and maybe we'll send you one.

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