KISS My Kollectibles

KISS My Kollectibles

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KISS My Kollectibles is a KISS collecting podcast.

Originally, our show concentrated on collecting KISS vinyl specifically with the launch of the KISS My Wax podcast in late 2015. We also moved into covering KISS bootlegs with KISS My Boots. As we decided that it would be best to cover all aspects of KISS collecting, we merged everything into KISS My Kollectibles.

Join us as we take on the most interesting, complex, and exciting sections of Kiss collecting.
Co-hosted by Jason Herndon, Joe Lalich, & Nicholas Buckland

Category: Hobbies, Leisure, Music, Music Commentary, Music History, Music Interviews

Podcast Episodes

EXCLUSIVE – 2021 KISS Killers German Reissue with Michael Koehler

Michael Koehler joins us today in the bonus episode to give us the exclusive behind the scenes details on the 2021 German reissue of KISS Killers! Tune in as Michael shares how this release, as well as the German Double Platinum and Best of Solos, came to be!


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