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The Life Bytes Podcast is a show dedicated to finding and discussing the weirdest stuff the internet has to offer; Venturing into the creepy corners on the online world so that you don't have to go alone.

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  • An Important Announcement
    February 13th, 2020
    We're sorry about the abrupt departure but, if you still find yourself missing the spirit of what this show was about then hopefully this new show will help ease the loss.  > The Odd Pod
  • Bonus Episode – Childhood Ruined
    November 10th, 2019
    In this episode, Derek takes the wheel to discuss a Youtube channel that he'd viewed with having great potential until the channel's creator "jumped the shark" by making a move that would forever seal its fate; Adding it to the list of other debunked and uninteresting sideshows. Brian jumps in and shares some of the YouTube channels he subscribes to as well as makes a few recommendations to all the fellow Ear Viewers. Warning: Strong Language podbelly.com it's getting weird podcast pamtri surreal entertainment down the rabbit hole - the final fantasy house episode spooky rice - a serbian film breakdown episode lazy masquerade - online gaming murders the completionist
  • Episode 53 – Jeremy Renner App
    October 5th, 2019
      Brian and Derek find a money-grabbing app that's all about showing the world how truly dedicated you are as a "Super Fan" to the self-absorbed celebrity that is Jeremy Renner; Listen in as the duo discuss the sweet but short life of the app before it was tragically taken down. Warning: Strong Language
  • Episode 52 – Besa Mafia
    September 28th, 2019
      In this episode, Derek and Brian venture deep into the Dark Web and find a hitman for hire site that caters to those who have a personal score or two to settle and Bitcoin to spend. If you're desperate and willing enough to buy into the possible hoax that is their cover, then look no further. Besa Mafia is at your service. Warning: Strong Language charlie_coleslaw (brian's twitch channel) podbelly.com
  • Episode 51 – The Body Remover
    September 13th, 2019
      Ever wonder what it's like to remove dead bodies for a living? Well, Brian and Derek find out when a good friend of the show (Grave Digger Adam) stops by to give his insight into the macabre world of body removal. Warning: NSFL podbelly.com

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