Lost Boys of Hannibal

Lost Boys of Hannibal


It is never about the big events, true crimes are solved based on the small details.
Shift Films is committed to finding the truth surrounding the events of unsolved mysteries.
For the past 6 years we have dedicated our lives to setting the record straight on numerous cases.
Whether 50 years old or 100 we believe every case case be solved if you have all the details.

The smallest details can make the difference in solving cold cases.
We believe it is everyones responsibility to help solve mysterious, and somewhere, regardless of how cold a case is, somebody knows something.
Never give up or give in, continue to pursue and come up with resolutions. Lost Boys of Hannibal Dares to ask the tough questions to family and friends of the boys who went missing. Now is your chance to chime in!

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Podcast Episodes

  • Episode 9: That Man Karras Part 2
    December 2nd, 2019

    The chilling conclusion of that man Karras. Was he telling the whole truth behind the Mitchell case... Why was it being investigated in the fall of 1967?  

  • Episode 8: That Man Karras Part 1
    November 20th, 2019

    In Episode 8 Franki and Chris head down and investigative path into that man William Karras. The idea behind this was to find out if Karras had dealt with any other cases simular to the boys where he was successful... instead we found this. 

    Original Article can be read here starting on page 56. 




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  • Bonus Episode 1: The 79 Tomb
    November 18th, 2019

    Chris and Franki will return on November 20th, 2019 with our regular episodes. This bonus Episode will enlighten your sense to believe that it is possible something else happened to Craig Dowell. Enjoy and we will see you back on Wednesday!







  • Episode 7: The Dig Part III
    November 4th, 2019

    This episode evaluates the Karas and Yokem reports. It dives into it's own world of conspiracies and leaves the audience with more questions than answers. We set up to find the truth behind the road cut, the odor, and a hole full of blood? Follow along becaus ethe journey to find these boys is just getting more boggling and confusing. Chris & Franki now have a group on Facebook follow them and join the group. Add you own commentary! 

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  • Episode 6: The Dig Part II
    October 21st, 2019

    Trouble Makers and Mystery Men. This podcast focuses on William Karras on the ground, Start of day 2 and the many contradictions that begin to ensue. Followed by two men that would make matters worse for the rescues teams and William Karras himself. 

    This episode starts to dive into True Crime with new players on the chessboard... did the boys really go missing in a cave? 

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