Lost Boys of Hannibal

Lost Boys of Hannibal


It is never about the big events, true crimes are solved based on the small details.
Shift Films is committed to finding the truth surrounding the events of unsolved mysteries.
For the past 6 years we have dedicated our lives to setting the record straight on numerous cases.
Whether 50 years old or 100 we believe every case case be solved if you have all the details.

The smallest details can make the difference in solving cold cases.
We believe it is everyones responsibility to help solve mysterious, and somewhere, regardless of how cold a case is, somebody knows something.
Never give up or give in, continue to pursue and come up with resolutions. Lost Boys of Hannibal Dares to ask the tough questions to family and friends of the boys who went missing. Now is your chance to chime in!

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Podcast Episodes

  • Episode 2: The Boys
    August 26th, 2019

    Franki and Chris are back and they have fired away on a bunch of episodes after a brief research delay. In this episode Chris and Franki take a deep dive into The boys' lives and families. We discussed Monday May 8, 1967 and Tuesday May 9, 1967. 

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  • Episode 1: Lost Boys of Hannibal Intro
    July 29th, 2019

    Podcasters Chris Koetters and Franki Cambeletta take you through the events that transpired on May 10, 1967 in Hannibal Missouri. 

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