Midnight Mass Creature Cast

Midnight Mass Creature Cast


Do you like 80s and 90s creature features? We do! From the goriest masterpieces to the cheesiest practical FX. join hosts Bobby, Chris, James and Mark as they revisit their childhood favorites as adults.

Category: Comedy, Film Reviews, TV & Film

Podcast Episodes

Cujo (1983)

Woof! Woof! What's that Cujo? Little Timmy is trapped in a well? Hey, why are you so sweaty and what's that goop coming from your eyes? Oh great, The dog has conjunctivitis again. That aside, Join Mark and Rob as they revisit a terrifying tale of man's best friend gone sideways. There will be plenty of discussion on how long a person who contracted rabies can go without a vaccination, some talk of hydrophobia, Rob feeling bad for the dog and Mark explaining that there was more than one dog plus a mechanical dog head, punishments for adultery and so much more. We do hope you'll join us on this listener request because as always, the more the scarier. And you can always sacrifice the slowest member of the group to satiate a rabid "Cujo"

Intro/outro by: Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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Cujo (1983)
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