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Mindframe Podcast


For over a century, a united humanity’s focus was the construction of a massive alien device: The Lariat. Its blueprints were dreamed by a handful of gifted humans who could hear alien voices as they slept. It is miles long, built in close orbit of the sun, and it promises to be a gate to a vast alien civilization. It promises to end humanity’s galactic isolation.

It will open, and a newly promoted Captain Claire Campana’s ship will be key to the ceremony, once it is repaired in the World Navy’s shipyards near the sun. But there is dissent. A member of the black market mob known as the Boliver family begins to doubt the Lariat’s true purpose. And then there are the fragments in time. The 1960s, the 1990s, 2012, where innocent people oblivious to this future live their lives. They connect, somehow, to each other, to the future, to the Lariat.

Mindframe is a genre bending piece of science fiction that weaves seemingly disconnected people through various time streams into one important moment. The moment that changes all of human destiny. The moment the Lariat closes.

Category: Science Fiction

Podcast Episodes

Chapter 20: Marcellus Ball

This darkness would drift over Desi lately. She was hiding something, keeping an emotion deep inside of her like she did. She paused and shifted to her back and stared up into the darkness. Marcellus laid his head against her breast, the perfect place, and heard her heart beat. It was a heavier sound than he anticipated, a wet and tedious thing.

In Chapter 20 of The Mindframe Podcast, we revisit Marcellus Ball. In his last chapter, he and Desi finally had that kiss while she was soaked from her walk in the rain. Now, we find them a couple hours later. What has transpired since then? What dark thing does Desi desperately try to communicate to Grim? What happens when his two attendants show up? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Chapter 20: Marcellus Ball
Chapter 19: Grim Boliver
Chapter 18 Part Two: Captain Campana
Chapter Eighteen Part One: Captain Campana
Chapter Seventeen: Teddy
Episode Sixteen: Josephine
Interlude Three
Chapter 15: Grim Boliver
Chapter 14: Marcellus Ball
Chapter 13: Captain Campana
Chapter 12: Teddy
Chapter Eleven: Josephine

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