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I’m your Host Sydney Miller. I began investigating when I was 16-years-old where I learned investigation techniques from a dear friend. Previously, I was a tour guide at the Ohio State Reformatory and an investigator with South Carolina Paranormal Research & Investigations (SCPRAI). My Co-Host is Jennifer VanBoskerck. She has been officially investigating since 2015. She is a lead investigator with SCPRAI, Eccentric Souls Paranormal and a member of The Warren Legacy Foundation. We now are on a quest to explore all realms of the paranormal and share our findings with you.

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Haunted Minnesota

Tonight I sit down with Jill Shelley. Jill is the owner of a haunted location in SW Minnesota.  She has been a paranormal investigator for 12 years. Her team St. Croix Paranormal  has traveled all over the US to well known haunted locations in search of answers. They were once featured on the Biography channel My Ghost story for an apparition they caught on film at a local bar. She also produced her own local cable show that ran in Minnesota and is on You tube. It is through her travels that she got the idea of purchasing her own location and allowing others in to investigate. In 2019 she was able to fulfill that dream and purchased the Boyd House. It was built in 1901 and is inhabited by spirits. The deed goes back to 1889 and the land was owned by the railroad. The town was a booming wild west town back in the day and was located on the edge of the Sioux Dakota reservation line. In 1912 The Eckhardt family purchased the home.  Fred Eckhardt was a well respected business man in town and a big part of the community. His wife died of a stroke in the house and her funeral was held in the home. Two of the children died in the home, one had choked. Mr. Eckhardt also passed away in the home. Evidence suggests that they are still there to this day. She brought the house back to the 1900's era with Victorian style wallpaper and has many antique furniture and timepieces from that era. They have also added some objects that are said to be haunted. As for the paranormal they have had shadows and apparitions, doors open, footsteps, audible voices, evp's, objects move, piano plays a note, and paranormal equipment interaction.


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