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I am a 24-year-old seasoned, paranormal investigator with a growing resume. I began investigating the paranormal when I was 16-years-old where I learned the tricks of the trade from a dear friend of mine. Since then I have been a paranormal tour guide at the Ohio State Reformatory, have been on paranormal teams where I have investigated private homes and have given presentations on real life ghost-busting. Now, I'm on a quest to explore all realms of the paranormal through expert interviews.

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I Believe in Crystal Healing

For our season finale we sit down with a spiritual mentor from Canada that specializes in energy healing, crystal healing, tarot readings, angel readings/healing as well as mediumship. 

You may reach out to Blair at the following sites. 




I am in the process of moving back to Ohio and starting a new job so things are about to get very busy for me, therefore, I will be taking a short break to readjust. I want to thank all our listeners who have supported us through Season one and all of our guests we have had on so far. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting local experts on the paranormal and I look forward to continuing my research and pursuit to understand the paranormal when I return with a new co-host in the fall of 2021. 

Be sure to get caught up on all 9 episodes of season one and don’t forget to like and follow Not Afraid on Facebook and your favorite streaming service so that you can receive important information and the release date for season two. I hope to see you there!!!!

To get a more in-depth look at crystal healing please check out our sources below!



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