Old Guy Metal Cast

Old Guy Metal Cast


As the name implies. The Old Guy Metal Cast or OG Metal Cast, is a monthly show where two old metal heads get together and discuss \m/ METAL \m/ topics, among other things.

Category: Comedy, Music, Music Commentary, Music History

Podcast Episodes

OGMC #18

Jim and Bobby are back and talking about getting old, metal, Satan, Fender bringing back the Kurt Cobain Jag Stang, moon wobble and more!

OGMC #18
OGMC #17
OGMC #16
OGMC #15
OGMC #14
OGMC #13
OGMC #12
OGMC # 11
OGMC Ep. 10
OGMC Ep. 9
OGMC Ep. 8
OGMC Ep. 7

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