Old Guy MetalCast

Old Guy MetalCast


Two aging metalheads get high, discuss life, the music they love, things that p**s them off and whatever else comes to mind

Category: Comedy, Mental Health, Music, Music Commentary, Music History, Video Games

Podcast Episodes

OGMC #135

Emboldened by doing a show with no plan or topics last week, the boys return chatting Bobby's earthquake experience, Jim's near pants sh***ng and much more!

OGMC #135
OGMC #134
OGMC #133
OGMC #132
OGMC #131
OGMC #130
OGMC #129
OGMC #128 | Shake It Like An Unwanted Baby
OGMC #127 | Older, Fatter & More Annoying
OGMC #126
OGMC #125
OGMC #124

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