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One-Hour Photo Podcast


This podcast is hosted Sam and Dave, 2 Veterans who discovered photography while transitioning out of the military. Join them weekly in the basement, as they discuss their mutual love and appreciation for not just photography, but for big foot, aliens and what ever deep fried foods that is bound to give them gout.

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Podcast Episodes

  • Ep. 33 - Yogurt Pants 2: The Sequel
    December 2nd, 2019

    Once, twice, three times the podcast hosts. The boys are back and once again the Almighty Joe Middle Age joins in for a bit as they discuss money laundering through alligator skins, why Florida isn’t the south, a sweet new camera Sam recently laid his mits on, and why Dave hates Thanksgiving. New Year New Dave. (or not)

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  • Ep. 32 - The Boys Went To Fresno
    November 17th, 2019

    Hey kids!

    This week the guys are giving you a little something different and a lot more fun than their usual garb. Uncle Sam and Grandpa Dave took a trip up north and hung out with Jesse and Hella Greg and were guests on the last episode of their incredible podcast, The Serial Chillers Podcast. So hang out and take a break and listen to your least favorite knuckleheads on this special episode.

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    Hella conspiracies on youtube

  • Ep. 31 - October Wrap Up.... kinda
    November 10th, 2019

    Leica's and logs and locomotives, oh my! In this harrowing epipen, Uncle Sam and Grandpa Dave chat about some current events, catch up on some previous discussed topics, and to top it all off, they finally figured out what they really wanna do with their lives. Check it out y’all!

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  • Ep. 30 - Dirty Halloween
    October 31st, 2019

    Welp, it makes no sense, but the boys made it to 30 episodes. And how do they celebrate? How about you just listen to it and find out yourself. (There is candy involved) Happy Halloween You basement dwellers!!!!

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  • Ep. 29 - 10 Reasons why Bakersfield Sucks
    October 28th, 2019

    You like ghosts? Sweet. You like monsters?? Even better. You like half-ass haunted stories about a half-ass town??? Then this is the episode for you! Tune your peepers in as Uncle Sam and Grandpa Dave discuss the most not so haunted places of their beloved hometown, Bakersfield.

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  • Ep. 28 - The One-Hour Cinema Podcast - Ep. 1
    October 20th, 2019

    A One-Hour Podcast Podcast, Brought To You By The One-Hour Photo Podcast On The Podbelly Network.

    Well that’s pretty much the gist of it. Grandpa Dave and Uncle Sam have a sit down and haggardly discuss some of their favorite horror movies and least favorite horror movies. Oh right, they also discover the meaning of life somehow? I dunno. Shtuff gits a little cray.

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  • Ep. 27 - Sam Does Some Work
    October 13th, 2019
  • Ep. 26 - We're with you Matt & Trey
    October 9th, 2019

    Well here we are folks. And just a little bit late. But you know what they say, a day late is a dollar short, but two birds in the bush beat a poke in the eye with your grandmas cat. Or something like that. In this episode, these idiots catch up on current events that don’t matter, how Dave almost cried watching a cartoon, and why it’s important to have street smarts while taking pictures unless you wanna be just like Fitty. For more podcasts much better than ours hit that link below!

  • Ep. 25: September Wrap Up - Golf cart driving 101
    September 29th, 2019

    It’s the end of the month, and your favorite dum dums decided to do something a little different and discuss the top news headlines of  September. You’re all in for a real sweet treat as they discuss the importance of tattoo placement, what Elon Musk is really up to, the return of Little Orphan Annie, and why it’s important to have the necessary requirements when operating a golf cart.

    As always, thanks for listening.

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  • Ep. 24 - In Regards to Sir Nic
    September 22nd, 2019

    (No, not Nic Cage, sorry) In this brand new episode the boys discuss the loss of the great Ric Ocasek, how many burritos Sam eats in a week, why it’s important to answer phone calls while they’re recording, and how The Black Eyed Peas are pretty much the worst “musical” group ever. As always, thanks for listening. If you could be so kind as to rate and leave any comments on our podcast, and for more podcasts much better than ours hit that link below!

  • Ep. 23 - Yogurt Pants
    September 15th, 2019

    In the latest installment of this critically acclaimed podcast, our hero’s once again take you on a journey into the basement and unlock the mysteries of the universe, aka we ramble on about gas station etiquette, our half-ass review of IT: Chapter 2, and our latest invention which will undoubtedly sweep the nation. As always, thanks for listening. If you could be so kind as to rate and leave any comments on our podcast, and for more podcasts much better than ours hit that link below!


  • Ep. 22 - Dave Does a Deep Dive (Ep. 1)
    September 8th, 2019

    In this weeks episode Dave finally puts some effort into the podcast, in a new segment called “Dave Does a Deep Dive”.  In this Sunday Scaries Reducer He talks about Simo Hayha a.k.a. (The White Death Sniper), and why his enemies gave him that name.

    Thanks for listening.

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  • Ep. 21- Thank You Lama Jesus w/ Joe
    September 1st, 2019

    This episode is one for the ages. Sam & Dave are joined by Dave's good friend Joe. The laughter rings loud as they talk about future ideas and interesting stories. Joe brings a fresh perspective and hilarious antics. They discuss Tinder and how problematic it is, and where is the best place to go grocery shopping. 

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  • Ep. 20 - They finally did Black and White
    August 29th, 2019

    Sam & Dave FINALLY did Black and White. They talk about some B&W photographers as well as movies. Some historical information as well as some up and coming B&W projects. Sam talks about photographers and Dave hits on some motion pictures, like Eraserhead and A24's new project "The Lighthouse". 

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    Thank You all for listening.

  • Bonus Ep. 4 - Rockin Some Sweats
    August 23rd, 2019

    In this mini episode, Sam and Dave briefly catch up after Sam returns from his "vacation". They discuss the future of the podcast now that it's on an official network (Podbelly network). Dave constantly stutters when he tries to talk about what He's currently wasting time on. 

    Thanks for listening everyone!

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  • Ep. 19 - Crossing the threshold with Old Greg
    August 12th, 2019

    In this episode Sam & Dave are joined by one of Sam's closest friends Greg Wilson, or as Instagram knows him as ( @old_gregggggg ).

    He has had an interesting life, has made some life changing choices, and He is just an all around great human being. He literally gives people the clothes and shoes off his back. Listen as they talk about his life changing experience in Joshua Tree National Park, and they go down some rabbit holes together. Give Greg a follow for an interesting take on life and some skateboarding to boot. 

    Thanks for listening everyone 

  • Ep. 18 - Taking Notes with Mason Rockfellow
    August 4th, 2019

    In this Episode Sam & Dave have a special guest Mason Rockfellow. He is a skateboarder/photo journalist/videographer/Dad/ And just a good dude. He attended Photo Journalism school in San Francisco, CA. He works for a local News broadcasting company in Bakersfield. Sam & Dave pick his brain as He brings unique perspectives about photography as well as some tips. You can give him a follow on IG: @mason.rockfellow or @aw_mase_on

    Thanks for listening everyone! 

  • Ep. 17 - Does anyone love Us yet?
    August 1st, 2019

    In this episode Sam & Dave talk about future ideas and upcoming episodes. They also have some updates on previous episodes. They tie in photography somewhere in there. Thank You again to everyone for listening, we hope your ear holes are enjoying it. 

  • Ep. 16 - Motivated with Jake Tovar
    July 23rd, 2019

    In this episode we have a fantastic talented guest on, Jake Tovar. His work is incredible. From portraits to landscapes, He finds a very elegant and pleasing way of taking the photo. Follow him on Instagram at @MOTVD. We had a great time in the basement with Jake, we hope you enjoy.  Thank You all for listening. 

  • Bonus Ep. 3 - Dave gets allergies
    July 23rd, 2019

    In this Bonus Ep. Dave has a run in some more pollen. We discuss future ideas as well as an update on Area 51. We discuss anything and everything in this ep. We Need these Episodes to get things off our chest. If you're looking for anything photography related, these Episodes are not the place to start. <3 

    Thank You all for listening anyway. We love you. 

  • Ep. 15 - Unoriginal catch phrases are TIGHT
    July 15th, 2019

    Welcome to the Basement and welcome to Ep. 15 of our podcast. Sam and Dave rip off other peoples original ideas and steal catch phrases, as well as discuss the storm on Area 51. There is a little bit of photography talk then it is quickly surrounded with non-sense and rants. 

    Coming up with an original catch phrase is barely an inconvenience, and they are TIGHT. Sorry Movie Pitch Guy. We love you. 

    Thanks for listening everyone!

  • Ep. 14 - Dave's Transition
    July 8th, 2019

    Hello and Welcome to Ep. 14. 

    This episode we discuss Dave's Transition/ Transformation to be. 

    We aren't talking Gender, but platform/style. Follow along as we discuss things in our lives and photo situation/tips. We are still waiting to hear back from Adam & Eve (.com) as our first pod sponsor. =] 

    Welcome to the Basement and Welcome to The One-Hour Photo Podcast. 

  • Ep. 13 - Photography But Stuff
    July 1st, 2019

    Back to Their normal routine, Sam & Dave discuss photography situations they've been in. They also shamelessly plug a certain Adult Toy company (No affiliation.....Yet). The gag goes on for too long, so strap in. or On. 

    Thanks for listening everyone. Ep. 13 in the bag. 


  • Ep. 12 - JOSH BRUCE
    June 25th, 2019

    Welcome to the basement and welcome to Ep. 12. 

    This episode we have a very special guest joining Us, JOSH FUCKIN BRUCE. (@jbrucifer666) if you want to follow him on Instagram or Twitch.

    He is a dear friend of both Sam & Dave, he is from Bakersfield but moved to Vancouver, WA a few years ago. We caught him on a visit. Thank You for coming down Dude. We Love You. 

  • Ep. 11 - Sam's MUTHA F*@!'n Birthday w/ Guest Matt
    June 23rd, 2019

    Welcome to Ep. 11, this was supposed to be a bonus Episode, but Drunk Dave dubbed it Ep. 11. We are joined by Sam's good friend Matt Keaveny, and Dave's buddy Joe sits quietly in the corner. We talk a lot of nonsense and bullshit in this one guys. Strap in. 

    Thank You for listening! We luh you. 

  • Ep. 10 - We have come so far
    June 19th, 2019

    Here we are, Episode 10. 

    This is a small milestone for Us, and we are glad if you are still listening. This episode we discuss reddit, movies, and other things, with a little photography mixed in there. We are just glad to put out this free podcast. This has become an outlet for us, and we are glad if it's helped anyone along the way. Here's to many more episodes. 

    Also Sam get's to finally tell the story of his name. (Spoiler, it's not that cool)


    Thank You all for listening. 

  • Ep.9 - Sam Got His
    June 14th, 2019

    In this episode, Sam & Dave talk about last week's episode and move forward. They set some things straight, as well as end the ole debate of who is the best Marvel/DC character(s). This is 9th official episode, Hope you enjoy it.

    Thanks for listening!

  • Ep. 8 - We tried to talk about photography
    June 9th, 2019

    In this episode, Sam & Dave want to talk about photography but things take a darker turn. Listen as they discuss keeping (someone's mental health) in check, while trying to squeeze in photography. This isn't a normal episode, but bare with Them, as Sam is Dave's new psychologist. Black and White Photography Next week! Thanks for listening everyone!

  • Bonus Ep. 2 - Conspiracies & Dave's Birthday
    June 2nd, 2019

    This is the 2nd Bonus Episode as well as Dave's Birthday. In this episode Sam & Dave discuss conspiracies and other odd phenomenon. They did little to no research, well Sam didn't, Dave forgot his notebook. They give their opinion on events and theories to help settle the debate. You be the judge if they failed.

    Enjoy the Episode, and Happy Birthday Dave!  

  • Ep. 7 - Sam & Dave take an Hour to get to the Topic
    May 28th, 2019

    Welcome to Ep. 7. 

    In this episode Sam & Dave take an hour to get to the dang point. The topic is A.C.B.A. or Articulated Comic Book Art, and they eventually get there. Since Dave is the subject matter expert on this topic, Sam tries to keep up and stay relevant as Dave talks about toys. He goes over the evolution of A.C.B.A. and where it's headed. Hopefully you enjoy this small scale episode.

      Thanks for listening everyone!

  • Ep. 6 - First Guest / Henley's Photo
    May 20th, 2019

    Welcome to Episode 6. 

    This is our very first episode with guests, not 1, but 3. 

    They are all employees of Henley's Photo. The one and only Photography store in Bakersfield, and only photo lab in Kern County. Henley's has been around since 1948. Thank You for everything you do for the Bakersfield Photography community. 

    Special Guests:

    Julissa: @not_urz

    Zach: @dufflebaglacroix

    Cat: @analogphoto_

    Thank You for all listening and the continued support. 

  • Ep. 5 - Apps and Q&A
    May 12th, 2019

    Sam and Dave have been asked my times what their "set up" is, and what apps they use on their phones to edit with. They took the liberty of answering those questions as well as questions from social media. Happy Mothers Day and Thanks for listening. 

  • Ep. 4 - Social Media and it's effects
    May 6th, 2019

    In this Episode Sam & Dave discuss the effects Social Media is having on artists and the youth. Mental Health is a real issue, and is technology aiding or hurting the generations that grew up with it. Listen as we try to stay on track without too many bad jokes. 

    Thank You all for listening, we hope you enjoy. 

  • Ep. 3 - What Inspires You?
    May 1st, 2019

    In this episode We talk about What inspires Us to shoot photos. 

    From film, music, and other photographers, we go down the rabbit hole of inspiration. Very fitting to last week's "Stuck in a Rut" [Ep. 2] This is Our way of combating creative block. We hope your ears enjoy listening. 

    Thanks Everyone! 

  • Ep. 2 - Stuck in a Rut
    April 14th, 2019

    In this episode Sam & Dave talk about being stuck in a rut. Rather that be inspirationally or just in life. Listen as we discuss hitting creative blocks. Hopefully this episode will get you out of your rut. 

    Thanks for listening everyone. 

  • Ep. 1 - One-Hour Photo Podcast
    April 7th, 2019

    This is the first episode of the One-Hour Photo Podcast. 

    With Hosts Sam & Dave. 

    They are just 2 Veterans that take photos and want to share Their stories and knowledge with the community. Dave specializes in ACBA or Action Figure photography, while Sam is more Street and portrait inspired. This show is 50% photography and 60% rants. Please enjoy and give us a follow on IG @onehourphotopodcast


    Thank Everyone. 

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