Path of Legends

Path of Legends


Welcome to Path of Legends, a fantasy/adventure, serial podcast.
Use headphones to enjoy an immersive audio storytelling experience like you've never heard before.
Get ready for the journey of a lifetime through enchanted woods, dark labyrinths, forgotten ruins, and into the unknown.
Path of Legends Podcast brings you stories to take you beyond.

Category: Fiction

Podcast Episodes

Path of Legends Bestiary: Sprites

Hestia of Delurin is an energetic, inquisitive second year student at Grinauld Academy. She is training to be a scribe-historian and is doing a great job! However, she sometimes has the habit of inserting her own opinions into the history…the following is her entry on the subject of Sprites!


Written by Keith Silvas 

Performed by Joy Hayward

Produced by Jonathan Rowden (overworldxr.com)


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