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Get to know your favorite podcast hosts, and find new favorites, through indepth interviews with some of the best podcast hosts out there! Whether the show is indie, professional, or somewhere in between, Podcasts We Listen To is your source!

Podcast Episodes

  • SICK
    November 13th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy talks to Jake and Lauren, hosts of the SICK podcast! SICK delves into what goes wrong at the places that are meant to keep us healthy. Their first season is focusing on the story of Dr. Cline, a fertility specialist from Indianapolis who impregnated dozens of women...with his own sperm.

  • Rolling Misadventures
    November 12th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy finally talks to Derek from the Rolling Misadventures podcast! Why do we say "finally"? Because Derek is one of the longest running members of the PWLT Community! Derek and Jeremy have talked about having Derek on the show for a few years. And it's about time that Jeremy got off his duff and made it happen!

  • Focused Fire Chat
    November 6th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy is talking to Blue and Green, the hosts of the Focused Fire Chat podcast! FFC is a lore podcast with a focus on the video game Destiny.  Reach out to Blue on Twitter at @BlueCrew86

    Reach out to Green on Twitter at @grneyedmusiklvr

    Find Focused Fire Chat and the Lore Network at https://thelorenetwork.com/focused-fire-chat/

  • Hillbilly Horror Stories
    October 16th, 2019

    Being the Halloween season, and as a special thank you for letting Jeremy emcee their recent live show in Philadelphia, we thought we would re-release the episode featuring HillBilly Horror Stories!

  • FBI Retired Case File Review
    October 9th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy chats with Jerri Williams. Jerri is a retired FBI Agent, author, and podcaster. She hosts FBI Retired Case File Review where, every two weeks, she sits down with another FBI Agent to discuss cases they have been involved with!

  • Ectoplasm Show
    October 2nd, 2019

    This week, Jeremy talks to Josh and Jason of The Ectoplasm Show! Ectoplasm Show delves into conspiracies, paranormal, and the downright strange!

  • Voices For Justice
    September 25th, 2019

    Jeremy sits down to talk with Sarah Turney of the Voices For Justice podcast! Sarah's story is incredible. Her sister went missing at 17. The police believe her father killed her. But that is just the beginning...

  • Art and Jacob Do America
    September 18th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy talks to Jacob of the Art and Jacob Do America podcast! From #MeToo to getting a TV show from the podcast, this one has it all!

  • Trace Evidence pt 2
    September 11th, 2019

    This week is the 2nd part of Jeremy's conversation with Steven Pacheco of the Trace Evidence podcast! 

  • Trace Evidence pt 1
    September 4th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy sat down with Steven Pacheco of Trace Evidence! The conversation went a little longer than expected so this will be a two parter!

  • LittleGeekLost
    August 28th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy talks to Mandy, host of LittleGeekLost! 

  • Corpus Delicti
    August 14th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy talks to Jenn and Lindsay of the Corpus Delicti podcast! It's true crime with a touch of lightheartedness and a dash of Southern charm!

  • Educating Jeremy - Enchanted
    August 7th, 2019

    Jeremy took the weekend off so we thought we would feature an episode of Educating Jeremy. If you didn't know, this is Jeremy's other podcast. On Educating Jeremy, he is educated by Deana Marie of Twisted Philly on movies that he missed that he should have seen. 

  • Extraordinary Stories
    July 31st, 2019

    You asked for it! You got it! This week, Jeremy talks to Barry Henderson of the Extraordinary Stories Podcast!

  • Hello From The Magic Tavern
    July 25th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy sits down with Adal (Chunt) and Matt (Usidore) to talk about their podcast, Hello From The Magic Tavern! If you don't know, it is about a guy who falls through a portal behind a Burger King. He arrives in the land of Foon. Luckily, he has his podcasting equipment and a weak WiFi signal. 


    This is one of the funniest, if not THE funniest podcast out there! CHECK IT OUT!

  • Kim and Ket Stay Alive...Maybe
    July 17th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy talks to Kim and Ket of Kim and Ket Stay Alive...Maybe! Two horrors movie fans, Kim and Ket, discuss a different horror movie each week and talk about what the characters did, and what THEY would do to stay alive!

  • What A Creep/Dorking Out
    June 19th, 2019

    Jeremy talks to Margo D and Sonia M. Separately they host several podcasts. Together, they host What A Creep and Dorking Out! 

  • Freak Nation
    June 5th, 2019

    This week Jeremy talks to Amanda and Kristina of the Freak Nation podcast! Freak Nation is a Queer paranormal show that focuses on a particular geographic location each week!

  • Coast To Ghost
    May 29th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy talks to Heather, Lindsay and Sam from the Coast To Ghost podcast! These three ladies enjoy the occasional cocktail and laughing at dirty innuendos like 12 year old boys while they talk about the paranormal. Jeremy had a blast and a lot of laughs in this episode. We hope you do too!

  • Sarah Mikutel
    May 22nd, 2019

    This week, Jeremy tlaks to Sarah Mikutel, host of Postcard Academy  which is a travel podcast and Podcasting Step By Step in which She teaches YOU how to podcast. 

  • Special episode! Educating Jeremy!
    May 15th, 2019

    This week, due to travel, we were unable to get a new episode up. But, we thought we'd release an episode of Educating Jeremy on this feed for you to try out! On this episode, Jeremy and Deana discuss 1984's Night of the Comet! We hope you enjoy!

  • Let's Not Meet
    May 8th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy talks to Andrew Tate, host of the Let's Not Meet podcast! If you love creepy, weird and spooky stories, you will love Let's Not Meet!

  • Ghosts in the Burbs
    May 2nd, 2019

    This week Jeremy talks to Liz Sower who hosts Ghosts in the Burbs podcast!

  • A Quest for Magic & Steele/ Ark City
    April 24th, 2019

    This week Jeremy talks to David Steele, host of A Quest for Magic and Steele as well as Ark City! 

  • Hellbound with Halos
    April 17th, 2019

    Jeremy sits down to talk with Kevin and Sully, Hosts of the Hellbound with Halos podcast! Two Firefighters from New York talking mental health, conspiracies, and more!

  • Trashy Divorces
    April 10th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy sits down with Alicia and Stacie, hosts of the Trashy Divorces podcast! Most of us take a bit of guilty pleasure in hearing how the rich, famous, and infamous deal with each other when the gloves are off. Trashy Divorces brings that right to your ear holes!

  • Best Forevers continued
    April 3rd, 2019

    This week is part 2 of the conversation that Jeremy had with Dr Alysa Lucas of the Best Forevers Podcast

  • Best Forevers
    March 27th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy sat down to talk with Alysa, host of the Best Forevers podcast. Best Forevers is a podcast all about friendship and the value of it. The conversation was longer than expected but was too good to stop edit it down much. Therefore, this week is part one and next week will be part two!

  • We're Alive
    March 20th, 2019

    Jeremy and KC Wayland have been talking about doing this for a long time but schedules didn't line up. Finally, at the Orlando Podfest Multimedia Expo, Jeremy and KC got to sit downface to face and have a chat! We hope you enjoy!

  • Ignorance Was Bliss
    March 7th, 2019

    We took a poll in the Podcasts We Listen To facebook group and Kate from Ignorance was Bliss is who YOU wanted to hear Jeremy talk to so, we asked her and she was gracious enough to sit down for a conversation!

  • Episode 86. Kendall Ann Byrd / High Heels and Heartache
    February 27th, 2019

    This week Jeremy talks to Kendall Ann Byrd, host of High Heels and Heartache. HHH is a podcast about surviving domestic abuse. Each week, Kendall Ann interviews experts in the field of recovery and therapy. 

  • Episode 85. Nicki T / Strictly Homicide
    February 20th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy chats with Nicki T, host of Strictly Homicide! Strictly Homicide is a podcast about true crime that happens in the state of Arkansas!

  • Episode 84. Dave Jackson / School of Podcasting
    February 13th, 2019

    This week, Jeremy talks to award winning, Hall of Fame podcaster, Dave Jackson! With almost 14 years of podcasting under his belt, Dave is one of the most knowledgable and experienced podcasters out there! And he wants to teach you to be a podcaster!

  • Special Re-Release! Episode 17. TwistedPhilly / Deana Marie
    February 6th, 2019

    This is a special re-release of Episode 17. 

  • Episode 83. Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children / Scott Thrower
    February 1st, 2019

    This week, Jeremy talks to Scott Thrower, host of Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children. Scott writes dark and disturbing fairy tales for adults. Think Mary Poppins meets the Twilight Zone! 

  • Episode 82. True Crime Bullsh** / Josh Hallmark
    January 23rd, 2019

    Josh Hallmark is one of the busiest people in podcasting! He hosts The Karen and Ellen Letters, Our Americana, and runs the Two Pods A Day campaign. But this week, we are talking about his brand new show, True Crime Bullshit! TCBS is an in depth look at the serial killer Isreal Keyes as well as the True Crime genre itself. 


    Find all things Josh Hallmark at www.our-americana.com


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  • Episode 81. The Black (Un)Conscious
    January 16th, 2019

    This week Jeremy talks to Raquel and Justin of The Black (Un)Conscious! The Black (Un)Conscious is a podcast where two therapists use current news, research, & pop culture to discuss the known and less known factors that impact the mental health of Black America.


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  • Episode 80. Dads and Diabetes / Alan and Mark
    December 28th, 2018

    This week Jeremy talks to Alan and Mark who host the podcast "Dads and Diabetes". Their show is about the experience of being a father of a young child with Type 1 Diabetes. 


  • Special Episode! Educating Jeremy
    December 6th, 2018

    This week, we thought we'd drop you a sample episode of Jeremy's other podcast, Educating Jeremy! Jeremy hosts this show along with Deana Marie of the TwistedPhilly podcast!

  • Episode 79. Cambo Ford/True Crime Island
    November 28th, 2018

    Grab a beer and pull up a deckchair! This week, Jeremy talks to Cambo Ford of the australian based True Crime Island! Cambo is the true crime host that rages along with you while presenting a well researched look into the ugly side of society. 


    To find links to Cambo and TCI visit www.TrueCrimeIsland.com


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  • Episode 78. Amber & Andrew / Into The Portal
    November 21st, 2018

    If you like a little weirdness with your history...a little paranormal with your factual...this is a podcast that you need to hear! Into The Portal gets into all of those things and SO much more!


    Find into the portal at www.intotheportal.com


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  • Episode 77. DCPodfest
    November 16th, 2018

    This week, Jeremy talks to several podcasters at the DCPodfest!

  • Episode 76. Aaron Habel/FRAMED
    November 7th, 2018

    You may know Aaron as one of the hosts of the Generation Why podcast. But, this week, Jeremy talks to Aaron about his new show, FRAMED: An Investigative Story which delves deep into the story of Brian Carrick. Deeper, in fact, than anyone has ever gone. With voice actors, narration, and incredible research, this is a must listen for every True Crime fan. 


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  • Episode 75. Nichole/Unearthly Paranormal
    November 1st, 2018

    Happy Halloween! We wrap up October with Nichole from the Unearthly Paranormal podcast! Nichole takes listeners submissions of their stories and fictionalizes them! It's a really fun show with some really great stories!


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  • Episode 74. Fitz and Lil / Knock Once for Yes
    October 28th, 2018

    This week, Jeremy sits down with Fitz and Lil of the Knock Once for Yes podcast! Listeners write in to KOFY with their own creepy stories and Fitz or Lil read them and discuss! 


    You can find a ton of info including social media links on the KOFY website, www.KnockOnceForYes.com


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  • Special re-release! Episode 8. Mike Brown/Pleasing Terrors
    October 18th, 2018

    This week, as a special October episode, we thought we would re-release episode 8. This Episode features Mike Brown of Pleasing Terrors! His show fits perfectly with the Halloween theme for this month. We hope you enjoy!

  • Episode 73. Craig & Laura/Spectral Asylum
    October 10th, 2018

    This week, continuing with our Halloween theme, Jeremy talks to Craig and Laura of Spectral Asylum! Spectral Asylum is an Ireland based podcast covering spooky, creepy, conspiracy, and generally strange things. 


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  • Episode 72. Tony/ The Confessionals
    October 3rd, 2018

    This week Jeremy talks to Tony Merkel of The Confessionals podcast! The Confessionals is a show where people call in and "confess" their experiences with the paranormal, the supernatural, or the bizarre. 


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  • Episode 71. Greg/History That Doesn't Suck
    September 13th, 2018

    This week Jeremy talks to Prof. Greg Jackson of the History That Doesn't Suck podcast! Greg is an actual History professor who delivers entertaining, sometimes sarcastic, but ALWAYS factual history in a way that...well...doesn't suck! Follow History That Doesn't Suck on Twitter at @HistThatDntSuck

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  • Episode 70. Kim/People Are Wild
    September 5th, 2018

    Imagine you are a travelling ER nurse. Imagine all the crazy, silly, and downright stupid things you would see. This week, Jeremy talks to Kim from the People Are Wild podcast. Kim IS that nurse, and they get into those things and so much more!


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