Prairieland Paranormal

Prairieland Paranormal


The Prairieland Paranormal Podcast is an exploration into all things paranormal with dramatic storytelling, historical research, relevant science, and witness accounts.

Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

Podcast Episodes

EP 27: Near-Death…The Science

In this episode, we will be joined by Dr. Donald Molnar. Donald is a paranormal investigator and practicing internal medicine doctor. Along with paranormal investigating, he is interested in near-death experiences and the existence of the afterlife. With his science and medical background, he utilizes a hybrid model for researching the paranormal combining knowledge of academic parapsychology with ghost investigating. With this approach, his goal is to try to combine the best of both academic and non-academic methods of understanding what happens to our souls or consciousnesses after we die. Join us as we discuss deathbed visions, after-death communication, and the 12 steps of an NDE. 

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