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The Prairieland Paranormal Podcast is an exploration into all things paranormal with dramatic storytelling, historical research, relevant science, and witness accounts.

Podcast Episodes

  • EP 16: Campfire Spooky Tales
    October 27th, 2020

    The Prairieland Paranormal Podcast Presents: Campfire Spooky Tales. A collection of spooky tales told by our friends and fellow Paranormality Podcast Network Members. Featuring Prairieland Paranormal Podcast, Cryptids Podcast, I Have A Strange Story, Sinister Suite-Hearts, The Matrix Has You, Paraunity Podcast, and Paranormal Podcast We Listen To. Sit back, throw another log on the fire, and enjoy!

  • EP 15: Annabelle and 5 Other Famously Haunted and Cursed Objects
    October 13th, 2020

    In this episode we will discuss 6 famously haunted and cursed objects including Anabelle, Robert The Doll, and The Busby Death Chair. We will also discuss two haunted paintings “The Hands Resist Him” and “The Anguished Man”. Don't believe in curses or haunted items. Join us and see if we can change your mind.

  • EP 14: The Pope Lick Monster and Other Goatman Legends
    September 29th, 2020

    Louisville Kentucky is the home of a legendary creature, a creature that has come to be known as the Pope Lick Monster. This creature is part man, part goat, and is rumored to lurke on the train trestles over Pope Lick Creek. One of the things that makes this frightening cryptid so unique is its kill count. There have been at least 12 deaths upon the tressels since 1968, all attributed to creatures' supernatural abilities to lure people onto the tracks. While this is the most popular Goatman legend it is not even close to being the only one. In this episode we will discuss the myths, legends, and folklore associated with The Goatman.

  • EP 13: The Bell Witch
    September 18th, 2020

    The entity known as the Bell Witch is truly unique, and will challenge any previous notions of what you think of as a witch. The entity entered the Bell's life quietly and eventually over time ragged into a violent and malevolent poltergeist. What really makes this tale unique is three things. First, this entity spoke plainly and in English, second, it affected an entire community of hundreds of individuals, and finally, it actually murdered or claimed to have murdered John Bell.

  • EP 12: Prophecy, Scrying, and Divination
    September 8th, 2020

    In this episode we dive into the history and the techniques of deviation. We will specifically discuss water scrying, crystal gazing, pendulum divination, seer stones, and dowsing and relate their uses by famous practitioners such as The Druids, Nostradamus, John Dee, and Joseph Smith, Jr. We will also discuss both the society and cultural perception of deviation, both positive and negative.

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