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Jason and David bring you everything paranormal

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Podcast Episodes

(Ronnie Dee) Old South Pittsburg Hospital Paranormal Research Center

Located on the foothill of South Pittsburg Mountain, the Old South Pittsburg Hospital was built back in 1959 on a sold Limestone rock. Its foundation and natural spring ran directly under the hospital and into the most Northwest part of the Tennessee River. The hospital has been visited by many research groups and they still have “ghost hunts” here, a few were featured on Syfy.

(Ronnie Dee) Old South Pittsburg Hospital Paranormal Research Center
RH-Negative Bloodline of The Gods
UFO Disclosure
Ghost Stories of The Vietnam War
Spirit Guides and Angels With Lori Hines
The Babylonian Epic of Creation
Haunted Australia
Jean Lafitte
The Slender Man
What was The Beast of Gévaudan,?
Religion and Ufo's
Alien Talk with Russell Dowden

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